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3D Mobile Laser Scanning Services Irvine

3D laser scanning technology allows for precise measurements to be taken and converted into scan data, which can be rendered into a virtual model. Such technology allows us to produce accurate virtual replicas of physical objects so that we can more efficiently store data, manipulate and improve on a physical model, and create models and products in a lot less time with less resources.

3D laser scanning is the new form of reality capture, and it has revolutionized many industries from product design and engineering all the way to architecture and construction.

From scanning objects of any size, now 3D laser scanning has advanced to scanning objects anywhere. With 3D mobile laser scanning, laser scanning services can go to any site, and capture data points from all physical objects. This is the new reality capture technology that Tangent Solutions brings to Southern California.

3D Mobile Laser Scanning

3D mobile laser scanning is a form of 3D laser scanning service which involves the use of a 100% mobile laser scanner. The blue light laser scanner is mounted on a moving vehicle, and it captures data while in motion. This makes it possible to capture point clouds of data from vehicles, entire buildings, and even railroads and highways in just a matter of minutes.

Through laser triangulation, the 3D mobile laser scanner gathers highly accurate point cloud data.  Such data can form a near-perfect virtual replica, which can be manipulated in whichever way using a CAD software.

This level of control over virtual models lends itself to many use cases. Not only will 3D mobile scanning services allow us to capture existing conditions of an object or location, but it also allows us to reverse engineer it and enhance it, instead of having to create something entirely from scratch.

Tangent Solutions 3D Mobile Laser Scanning Services

There are many laser scanning service providers in Irvine, but Tangent Solutions is the only one who mounts high precision scanners  onto moving vehicles to capture never before scanned objects.

Providing 100% mobile 3D laser scanning services opens the floodgates in data collection. This bodes well especially for construction and excavation companies where capturing highly accurate data of physical models is important, but the objects to be scanned cannot be transported.

At Tangent Solutions, we use only high grade equipment, which allow us to capture real world objects with unparalleled digital resolution and stunning depth of detail. By mounting our laser scanners onto moving vehicles, we make 3D scanning more accessible and bring it to your location to conduct a 3D scan of infrastructures and large objects which cannot be shipped or brought to our office.

Instead of sending your scan object to our company, we will bring 3D laser scanning services to you. We can go to your construction site or project site and conduct a mobile scan. And in just a few minutes, we will have the scan data in any format compatible with your CAD software, so you can begin working on your project.

Why Choose Tangent Solutions

Tangent Solutions has plenty of services to complement our top-notch 3D scanning services. With decades of CAD design and engineering expertise, Tangent Solutions is the leading provider of 3D scanning services, as well as CAD design and engineering, in Irvine.

From reverse engineering and product design, all the way to rapid prototyping, manufacturing, and archiving of digital scan data, Tangent Solutions has been helping companies succeed with their projects in the shortest amount of time, with high efficiency, and with fewer costs.

Whether it be 3D scanning and model rendering or CAD design services and engineering services, Tangent Solutions will make sure that our customers only receive the best 3D scanning services Irvine has to offer.

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