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3D Mobile Laser Scanning Services Los Angeles

3D scanning technology and 3D mobile laser scanning services Los Angeles has revolutionized the way objects are manufactured. Whereas before, we needed to create models from scratch and craft objects from their likeness, now we can get 3D digital models that are patterned after real-life objects with incredibly high accuracy and stunning detail.

Not only is 3D scanning convenient for small objects, but also even more for large surfaces, spaces, and environments.

If you can’t bring your object to a 3D scanning company, then look for the 3D mobile laser scanning services in Los Angeles that can send their technicians over to you—just how we do it at Tangent Solutions.

What is 3D Mobile Laser Scanning For?

3D mobile laser scanning is a new development in 3D scanning technology that allows for a 100% on-site scanning of objects. This is mostly used to scan large objects or areas that cannot be transported, such as vehicles, buildings, and roadways.

Mobile scanning makes it possible to capture highly accurate data of these never-before scanned objects to produce 3D digital models.

One of the highlights of 3D scanning technology is to easily capture data through measurements scanned via blue light laser, it is incredibly time-saving to use when gathering data on large objects or areas. This is particularly useful in the construction and car manufacturing industries, wherein the objects to be scanned may not be available for transport.

Such as with infrastructure or locations, you will need to find 3D scanning companies that offer 3D mobile laser scanning, so they can come to you instead of you going to them.

At Tangent Solutions, we send our highly-trained technicians to your home, office, or wherever you are for a mobile 3D scan service.

Why Tangent Solutions 3D Mobile Laser Scanning Services?

Though 3D scanning is becoming more accessible with time, many companies only have one or a handful of laser scanners on hand, making it difficult to send them to different areas to conduct mobile scanning. Not to mention, not all 3D scans can be used to conduct off-site scanning.

Unlike other companies, Tangent Solutions has been in the 3D scanning industry for over 15 years. In that time, we’ve specialized in making projects come to life with our tried and true formula—scan, render, and design.

Furthermore, we have a suite of hardware and software that allows us to capture real-life data with impressive accuracy, render it quickly, and manipulate it however you want in computer-aided design (CAD) software, and all the while, also making our 3D scanning services 100% mobile!

This is how we give our clients the best results and experience every time. We understand that you cannot always come to our Los Angeles center, so we can go to your site and scan your object or area.

After more than a decade of being in the 3D technology business, we’ve made it possible to conduct 3D scans anywhere across the country.

We make 3D laser scanning 100% mobile, so you can have the support you need whatever your project and wherever you are!

Choose Tangent Solutions

Check out Tangent Solutions, one of the few companies offering 3D mobile laser scanning services—Los Angeles has!

Tangent Solutions is an end-to-end 3D technology company. We not only provide 3D laser scanning services, but we also offer 3D design and printing. With years of experience, we have become experts at reverse engineering objects.

We capture real-life objects and convert them into 3D models that you can manipulate using CAD software, however you want to!

Our scans produce highly accurate data and fine detail and can be sent to you as an STL file, CAD file, or any other format of your choice. You can’t travel but need some 3D scanning services for your project? Don’t worry! Let us come to you.

Our team will ensure your project is done right, contact us at Tangent Solutions today.