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3D Product Scanning Irvine

3D scanning is one of the most ground-breaking technological advancements in data gathering. In just a matter of minutes, 3D scanning allows us to capture accurate data, which can be converted into CAD models that are highly manipulable. This has led to the possibility of rapid prototyping, smoother product development and quality control, and more cost-effective manufacturing and mass production of products.

With so many benefits to offer, companies should work with the best 3D scanning companies Irvine has to offer.

Benefits of 3D Product Scanning

3D product scanning is the process of gathering scan data from existing physical products for purposes such as reverse engineering, quality control, data archiving, as well as rapid prototyping and manufacturing.

One of the industries that has greatly benefitted from the advancements in 3D scanning are manufacturing businesses and product development teams whose work rely heavily on the development, quality control, and improvement of their product designs.

3D product scanning speeds up the entire process of product creation by capturing the dimensions and features of physical products in great detail. These data cloud points are then used to form CAD models which allow a product designer or product development team to modify an existing model rather than having to create one from scratch.

For production, this means a speedier prototyping process, which allows companies to more quickly response to feedback from customers and improve their quality control. Not to mention, accurate 3D scan data allows companies to more efficiently store product information and save on storage costs.

These conveniences will positively impact company finances while also speeding up production and delivery of products.

Tangent Solutions 3D Product Scanning Services

When it comes to 3D product scanning services, one should look for a company with a great track record of helping projects succeed.

There are many 3D scanning services in the market, but just having an accurate scanner will not ensure the desired results for your project or company if you are working with inexperienced technicians, designers, and engineers.

At Tangent Solutions, our team of experts has years of experience assisting companies and product development teams through our wide range of services. From 3D laser scanning and CAD model rendering, all the way to CAD design and engineering, Tangent Solutions staff has helped our clients save hours in trial and error, so they can achieve their goals within schedule.

Tangent Solutions 3D product scanning services go beyond providing you accurate data. We make sure that whatever scan data we provide you is usable and comes in the best possible format for your purpose.

We are able to do this because our vast experience and clear communication with our client allow us to more accurately predict use cases so that we deliver more than just data, we deliver top-notch service.

3D Product Scanning Services in Irvine

Most businesses benefit from highly accurate data, rapid prototyping, digitization of projects and more efficient manufacturing process. If you’re looking for the best 3D scanning Irvin has to offer, contact Tangent Solutions today.

Our 3D product scanning services are conducted by a team of highly experienced technicians, focusing on providing the best support for your projects. We use only the most advanced equipment in 3d scanning technology, and we deliver your scan data in any file type of your choice, so you can readily use it using whatever CAD software you have.

Whether you need 3D laser scanning or CAD design or engineering services, let our team of experts help you complete your project successfully, so you can save on costly and time-consuming projects.

Send your product to our site for 3D scanning today, or contact us to discuss how our services can help your project succeed!