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3D Product Scanning Los Angeles

3D printing technology is used in many manufacturing companies today. Not only does this produce an identical copy of the original, but it is also time and resource-efficient, both of which make products easier to produce and more affordable. All these can be provided by experienced 3D product scanning, Los Angeles-located services.

But no 3D printing can transform a mere concept into your ideal product without first having a highly detailed 3D digital model to use as a pattern.

Though it’s possible to produce a digital design entirely from scratch, the beauty of 3D technology lies in its ability to easily produce a highly accurate and detailed digital model of a real-life object through 3D scanning.

At Tangent Solutions, we can help your projects get accurate end results.

What is 3D Product Scanning?

3D product scanning is the process in which a blue light laser scanner is used to capture data from an object or product through geometric triangulation. Using blue light laser scanners, technicians conduct a 3D scan using short-range measurement technology to capture the dimensions of a sample or prototype product.

The data gathered comes in the form of a point cloud, which can be converted into a highly precise and detailed 3D digital model, which can be given to you in the form of a computer-aided design (CAD) file. All the while, the scanned product is never touched or harmed.

This technology is incredibly useful for clients who are looking for low-cost and time-efficient design processes. Instead of having to build a model from scratch, 3D product scanning can create the digital version of your product.

This gives you the ability to replicate it with uncanny similarity via 3D printing technology or to manipulate its model using CAD software for product modifications or prototyping.

Why Get 3D Product Scanning By Tangent Solutions?

With more and more companies opting to 3D print their products, 3D product scanning has never been in higher demand.

But not all 3D scanning services are the same. There are many ways to conduct a 3D scan, and you want to find the company that offers the best 3D product scanning services Los Angeles has to offer.

At Tangent Solutions, we’ve been in the 3D scanning industry for over 15 years. This has allowed us to hone our craft and develop our formula—scan, render, and design.

With this, we’re able to use 3D scanning technology to best suit our clients’ needs! Whatever the complexity of your physical object, we can scan it with up to 0.02mm accuracy, giving you the most reliable measurements and the most remarkable details to empower your product design team.

Tangent Solutions uses 3D laser scanners to scan and conduct digital rendering of your product. Using blue light, the scanner assigns target points on the surface of the object.

From these, information is gathered to form a data cloud which can be rendered into a CAD model you can turn, stretch, or modify however you want.

The scanners used by Tangent Solutions are not rooted in our Los Angeles location. Though you can ship your products to us for scanning, we can also bring the scanning to you. This is incredibly convenient for projects that require reverse engineering on site.

Wherever you are in the country, whether you want a vehicle, a building, or an entire vicinity scanned, you can trust us to get the job done and without tampering with your product!

Choose Tangent Solutions 3D Product Scanning Services in Los Angeles

In search of Los Angeles 3D product scanning services?

Tangent Solutions has vast experience offering excellent 3D Scanning Services to businesses from various industries such as aerospace, automotive manufacturing, and construction to medicine, consumer goods, and even entertainment.

Tangent Solutions has helped them all turn a physical object or idea into reality.

Can’t come to Los Angeles? Don’t worry! Location is not an issue. At Tangent Solutions, we make 3D Scanning 100% mobile.

Learn more about how our 3D product scanning services can help you and your business, contact us at Tangent Solutions today.