Meet All Drafting Criteria with Our 3D Scanner Reverse Engineering in Anaheim

3D Scanner Reverse Engineering Anaheim

If you want to optimize your manufacturing and product development processes, or you would like to digitize your physical inventory of goods and parts, you should use 3D scanner reverse engineering, Anaheim-based companies have to offer.

When it comes to product design and manufacturing, many people start from scratch. But drafting a design takes a lot of time, and you don’t always have to do that.

How Does 3D Scanner Reverse Engineering Works?

3D scanning technology allows for the replication of real-life objects into digitized models. 3D scanner reverse engineering is a way of using 3D scanning technology to develop a Computer-Aided Design (CAD) model and detailed toleranced drawings of existing products, their parts, and assemblies, and then rebuilding them into a new 3D model.

For 3D scanner reverse engineering to happen, a 3D scan using laser scanners must first be performed on an existing object. Once scan data is available, a model can be rendered, and afterward, reverse engineered to suit whatever purpose you may have.

Not only is 3D scanning reverse engineering more time-efficient than drafting a 3D CAD design from scratch, but it also uses the most accurate data to use for reverse engineering—scan data collected using the most advanced 3D lasers.

When it comes to 3D scanner reverse engineering, you want only the most accurate data as reverse engineering applications most commonly include validation purposes, rapid prototyping, quality control, or creating a new product patterned after an existing one.

Once 3D scanner reverse engineering is conducted, one can create a surface model, tools, or dies via 3D printing. These objects provide plenty of applications in terms of product design, modification, and manufacturing.

Why Tangent Solutions?

Since its inception, Tangent Solutions has always provided end-to-end services that aid in product design and manufacturing. From offering the most accurate 3D scanning services to helping clients bring to life digital designs, Tangent Solutions can do it all for our customers.

For the best reverse engineered 3D model, the most accurate data has to be used. At Tangent Solutions, we offer 3D scanning services in-house.

We can scan tiny parts and large objects alike. We can also generate the most accurate data whether our 3D scan is done in our laboratory or at your site. Our 3D scanning services are 100% mobile and can gather a huge amount of data with unrivaled accuracy, even while in motion.

Additionally, we only use the most advanced 3D laser scanners to gather as many data points as needed, both accurately and efficiently, to help make sure that the result of our reverse engineering process is nothing short of top-notch.

The team of engineers in Tangent Solutions is certified in using Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T). Using our highly precise scan data, they can generate CAD for rapid prototyping, legacy parts, or any other purpose we deduce as your most likely intent.

This is made possible by constant, clear communication between our team and the client. We trust our clients to be experts at what they do, hence we take extra care to learn about every project in detail to provide them the support they need.

With your industry-specific knowledge and our engineers’ real-world experience, we can reverse engineer any CAD model for maximum usability.

When it comes to your business, results matter most. To help you achieve the best results, Tangent Solutions takes on a consulting problem-solving approach.

Doing so aims to help you quantify performance targets, so we can tailor our reverse engineering solution to your project requirements.

3D scan data comes in the form of a point cloud. Such raw data is devoid of topological information, hence our team of highly skilled CAD engineers process and model them into more usable formats first, then reverse-engineer the 3D model generated to best support your industry and purpose.

Skilled in a range of CAD programs, we will provide you with CAD files in formats of your choosing and to fit whatever CAD software you use. But more than providing 3D engineering services, Tangent Solutions provides world-class solutions and expert service to whatever project you have in your industry.

We can help you convert anything into usable CAD data. We also take extra care so the file type we give you allows you to create a highly accurate 3D model of the original, so you can use it for whatever purpose most effectively.

3D Scanner Reverse Engineering Services in Anaheim

Optimize your production process with 3D scanner reverse engineering services. Turn anything into usable 3D CAD data and modernize your product development and manufacturing processes by digitizing all physical inventory of goods and parts.

Talk to any one of our highly skilled engineers and find out about how our services can help improve your production process. From capturing the most accurate point cloud data through our 3D scanning services to offering the most usable file formats through our reverse engineering services—anyone from the Tangent Solutions team can help you!

With over 15 years worth of experience, we can give you the most comprehensive SD services you can find. We offer drafting, engineering, rendering, and 3D printing, to support our clients in every step of their production process. Schedule a meeting with us, and we’ll even give you a quotation for free!

Find the best 3D scanner reverse engineering services Anaheim has to offer, contact us at Tangent Solutions today!