Get Affordable 3d Scanner Reverse Engineering Irvine

3D Scanner Reverse Engineering Irvine

With the prevalence of 3D scanning technology, people no longer have to create products from scratch. 3D scanning has made CAD models of physical objects more readily available than ever. Having easily manipulable digital replicas of real life products provides numerous advantages to businesses and product designers everywhere.

The highly accurate data captured by 3D scanning technology enables so many professionals and companies to speed up their production process. With reliable scan data, one can efficiently reverse engineer and learn about how objects are structured. They can also modify and reproduce said objects with high precision. The possibilities these provide manufacturing companies are endless!

What is 3D Scanner Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering or back engineering is the process of deconstructing a physical object to understand how it is built. 3D scanner reverse engineering is the reverse engineering of a 3D scan or a CAD model rendered from a cloud point data collected by a 3D laser scanner.

The point cloud data gathered by capturing measurements via blue light are a quick and non-invasive method of capturing all relevant measurements that, through laser triangulation, can be used to form a virtual model of an existing physical object.

The rendered model will have all the features of the original, but with the benefit of easy manipulation. As the digital rendering can come in many formats, it can easily be used in any CAD software. Using a CAD software, cad models can easily be pulled apart, put together, modified, and improved,  resulting in efficient product analysis and a wide variety of industry applications.

Deconstructing a digital model is also cost-efficient; because CAD data is easily duplicable, one has more opportunities to manipulate it. One can modify a product design, troubleshoot product issues, replicate an existing product, or even analyze a product for quality control in less than half the time it would take to take apart a physical object.

Not to mention, one can develop legacy parts or even understand competitor products, which can provide any business an edge.

Such advantages can significantly reduce time and cost of production, increasing the chances of success of any project, which also creates unimaginable business opportunities.

Accurate 3D Scanning Services in Irvine

When it comes to understanding products and reverse engineering them, Tangent Solutions has years of experience not only in scanning products for the most accurate 3D scan data, but also in rendering cad data and delivering them in the file formats that the clients need.

Tangent Solutions consists of a team of experienced engineers certified in tolerance stacking using Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T). Over the years, we have helped many companies from varying industries reverse engineer their 3D models to suit the objectives of their projects.

We pride ourselves on our industry experience and excellent communication with our clients, which gives us the ability to deduce probable use cases for the 3D data scan and reverse engineering services needed. This helps us deliver the details required by the client to ensure the best possible results.

Tangent Solutions 3D Scanner Reverse Engineering Services

3D scanning has revolutionized the way we take measurements, which has drastically improved the production process. With the addition of experienced engineers and 3D scanner reverse engineering, the potential of highly accurate 3D scans are maximized and used to support various projects.

To ensure you get the best possible results, you should work with a trusted company with a proven track record of helping their customers succeed in their respective projects.

At Tangent Solutions, what we provide is way more than accurate data. We use industry best equipment to replicate real life objects into digital representations in great detail so we can give our clients unimaginable control over their products.

Additionally, we have a team of trained and highly experienced technicians, designers, and engineers who have great attention to detail and communication skills. We have years of experience in our line of work, and we trust our customers to be the experts in theirs. We will learn all about your project, so we can best support you using our services. You can work with any one of us or a team of us, either on a project basis or as retainers.

With our expertise in 3D scanning, CAD design and engineering, and our customers’ industry expertise, we go beyond providing data and usable files, we develop a solution to our customers’ problems, so they can succeed in their project. Whether that means understanding how an object is built or prototyping an improved product, our objective is to support your team, so you can have a more cost-effective and time efficient production process.

3D Scanner Reverse Engineering Services in Irvine

3D scanner reverse engineering is a key process in product analysis today. Gone are the days when people have to create a model entirely from scratch. If you’re looking to replicate an object digitally to better understand its construction, working with the best 3d scanner reverse engineering Irvine has to offer is essential.

At Tangent Solutions, we have worked with all sorts of businesses, from manufacturing and product design all the way to automotive and aerospace companies. As solution providers, we offer end to end services, so we can give innovative solutions to our customers’ problems.

Tangent Solutions offers 3D laser scanning, CAD designing and drafting, as well as engineering and reverse engineering services. Any one or a combination of these can help transform your business. Send your product to our for 3D scanning, or reach out to our engineers for reverse engineering services.

Contact Tangent Solutions to discuss how our services can support you, or request a free quote today!