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3D Scanning Companies Anaheim

The best data should be accurate. Only rely on the most precise and detailed 3D scan data provided by the best 3D scanning companies Anaheim has to offer!

What is 3D Scanning and How Can it Help My Business?

3D scanning is a technology that uses non-contact laser scanners to capture geometric data of physical objects. Through triangulation, the sensor of the scanner is able to gather data in point clouds.

Because 3D laser scanning relies on blue light, it is ideal for measuring curved surfaces and complex geometries in great precision and stunning detail. Not to mention, it is able to scan everything from the smallest parts such as broken jewelry to the biggest fixtures like buildings and highways.

On its own, 3D data is devoid of topological information, but in the right hands, such scan data can be analyzed, rendered, reverse engineered, or printed into a physical model, cast, or die.

This can greatly improve product design, quality control, documentation, and production processes.

Why Tangent Solutions 3D Scanning?

Businesses are turning towards 3D scanning technology to streamline their product design and manufacturing. With this rising demand comes a growing supply of 3D scanners as well as 3D scanning services available. Though 3D scanning has many benefits, not all is the same.

Less advanced 3D scanners can only gather data in picture file format, and inexperienced technicians, designers, and engineers may be able to operate the 3D scanner but are unable to analyze, render, or manipulate the scan data for the purposes needed by your business.

3D Scanning Companies in Anaheim

At Tangent Solutions, we have over 15 years of experience offering accurate 3D laser scanning services. We only use the most advanced laser scanners, and we have a highly experienced team who can give you the 3D data in whatever format you want or render it into CAD models that are ready for you to manipulate or reverse engineer using CAD software.

For over a decade, we’ve built a track record of providing only the best services to our customers, and our widespread reputation in the industry speaks of our capabilities.

To learn more about how our services can help improve your business, contact us at Tangent Solutions today!