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3D Scanning Companies Los Angeles​

Replicating models is incredibly difficult but experienced 3D scanning companies, Los Angeles-located can get any project done. Craftsmanship varies depending on the artist or designer—and depending on the materials used, the replica may or may not even come close to the original.

Fortunately, such challenges are behind us with the onset of 3D scanning technology. As 3D technology allows us to produce highly accurate data from scanned real-life objects, replication has never been easier with the right help from the best 3D scanning company in Los Angeles.

This technology is becoming increasingly popular in the fields of health care, automobile, visual effects studios, and many other manufacturing and construction lines of work such as props creation in the entertainment industry.

With the increasingly sophisticated tools and devices needed by these industries, the said technology allows them to gather data on a certain object or environment with high accuracy.

How Does 3D Scanning Work?

3D scanning uses a blue light scanner that attaches markers and assigns targets to the object or environment it is scanning. The blue light laser scanner will triangulate each target point and assess how they relate to each other spatially. 

This triangulation process allows the device to conduct a geometric scan, which is then used to form a digital mesh 3D model.  This 3D rendering is highly manipulable through computer-aided design (CAD) software.

One can edit, move, or flex the 3D model with impressive accuracy, which provides a valuable precursor to 3d modeling and printing of real-life objects.

As this technology only uses lasers to gather data, it is incredibly versatile and can scan objects big or small. It also makes for a fuss-free way of forming digital representations of objects captured.

Tangent Solutions’ 3D Scanning

3D scanning uses highly advanced technology, which requires special hardware and software to conduct. At Tangent Solutions, not only do we have such equipment, but we also specialize in reverse engineering, which makes us one of the best 3D scanning companies Los Angeles has to offer.

For over 15 years, we have been helping clients from various industries use 3D technology to reverse engineer all sorts of objects, from medical equipment to hulking skyscrapers. Our key to success is the process unique to us—scanning, rendering, and designing. With this formula, we can help anyone bring their ideas to life!

The key to creating the best design is to have the most accurate model, and you can leave the 3D model scanning and rendering to us—we’ll make sure to capture every minute detail you need.

With up to 0.02mm 3D scanner resolution, we guarantee that our 3D scan will generate mesh points that provide you with only exact measurements and the most comprehensive digital model you can imagine.

This digital rendering comes in any file format of your choices, such as STL, OBJ, STEP, STP, IGES, and XT. Therefore, it can be manipulated in any CAD software;

The Best 3D Scanning Experience

Projects should not be delayed by inaccurate measurements and lacking 3D models. With Tangent Solution’s 3D Scanning services, you can rest assured that we capture every important target point in the object of your choice—no matter the complexity.

Location is also not a problem. Wherever your project is, we can send our technicians who will conduct on-site scans. Once your objects are scanned, we can easily generate a rendering with the most reliable dimensions, so your project can have every minute detail it needs to review and manipulate your digital 3D model for the best possible design.

Premium 3D Scanning Services in Los Angeles

Do you have an object you want us to scan? Our Tangent Solutions Los Angeles team can help you! You can send them to us for 3D scanning. And if you can’t come to us, we can send technicians to conduct mobile 3D Laser Scanning at your convenience!

Whether you need 3D scanning services in Los Angeles or any other part of the country, reach out to Tangent Solutions, and we’ll deliver the best 3D scanning service at your request. We’ll provide you with the most accurate 3D scan you can ever imagine to support your business and projects!

Whatever project is in your business pipeline, Tangent Solutions will help by providing the most accurate 3D scanning services. We’ll even send you the 3D digital models captured in STL files, CAD files, or any other format required by your CAD software.

Learn more about how we can help you with your project, contact us at Tangent Solutions today!