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What is 3D Scanning?

The process of digitally recording the entire surface geometry of a physical part is known as 3D scanning and this can be done with superior quality by a company with the most reliable 3D scanning services Orange County offers.

You’ll have a 3D Model in stereolithography (STL) format. This is a complete and accurate three-dimensional replica of the original part, with the same dimensions and surface geometry.

All visible surface detail on your part will be accurately captured, and it’s not unusual for 3D scanning to uncover defects on a part that aren’t obvious to the naked eye. The digital model created after we 3D scan your part can be resized or cleaned up to remove any undesired flaws.

Depending on the size and complexity of your product, the 3D scanning procedure can take anywhere from one to three days.

Tangent Solutions is a mobile 3D scanning company—designing and engineering service that helps businesses across various industries get their products to market faster, more precisely,  and more affordably.

We combine the latest in 3D laser scanning technology with our 15 years of CAD design knowledge to help you bring your ideas to life as Orange County’s best reverse engineering services and 3D laser scanning services.

Why Choose Tangent Solutions?

At Tangent Solutions in Orange County, we use reverse engineering with any physical device to supply you with raw data, help you create your product with CAD software, or entirely construct it into reality. Our design formula is based on a one-of-a-kind technique of scanning, rendering, and designing services.

When it comes to 3D laser scanning services, no job is too big or too small for our team. Our 3D design engineers are ready to bring your huge ideas to life by creating a digital model for faster product development. Most projects may be scanned and returned the same day they arrive, ensuring that your production process is not disrupted.

Tangent Solutions’ Orange County 3D laser scanning services give you access to the most advanced laser scanning equipment, giving your team the ideal tool for digitally reproducing tangible items seen in the real world when accuracy and detail are critical for your design needs.

Our comprehensive range of creative, design, fabrication, and finishing services offers a seamless pipeline that enables the manufacture of professionally finished goods from even the most basic of inputs. After completing your 3D scan, the data provides a visualization that may be used for inspection reports, fitment verification, modeling, 3D printing, or reverse engineering.

Precise 3D Designing and Engineering Services

When it comes to 3D printing and design, you need precise results. Your design goals will determine whether or not you need 3D rendering after your scan. 3D models are an excellent approach to showcase innovative product concepts before they go to market (i.e., rapid prototyping).

A mesh visualization is ideal for most users when conception is your primary goal for your 3D scan data. Rendering is required to extract the main features and metrics needed to produce quality results while testing or modifying 3D scan data with CAD software.

Because of the high file type required in rendering 3D on a desktop, it might take a long time for designers to render 3D scan data points. Rendering, on the other hand, produces extraordinarily smooth, highly accurate, and fine details. This is especially important in areas like medical device production, where rapid prototyping can be expensive to create.

Count on the Best 3D Scanning Services in Orange County

Find out what options you have for your production process. Contact the Tangent Solutions team today to schedule a 3D laser scanning session in Southern California. Our engineers are available to scan your next big project.

Every time, our professionals give unrivaled service to our customers. We provide a comprehensive set of 3D services, including drafting, engineering, rendering, and design services, to provide a complete end-to-end solution for any design difficulty.

To learn more about how we can assist you with your next project, contact Tangent Solutions today.