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Ultra-Precise 3D Scanning Services Anaheim

Whether you need to reverse engineer an object or create a data analysis report, you want to work with the leading provider of 3D scanning scanning services Anaheim has to offer.

Our 3D scanning services can capture the smallest of details of any project to produce the most precise measurements. We are able to manipulate scan data into CAD models, rendered specifically according to your projects needs. 

Our experience lays in the various industries we’ve aided including oil and gas, aerospace, motorsports, and more.  Projects range from who need reverse engineering of legacy products or rapid prototyping by 3D printing. 

We Are Design Engineering Pros

We transform an otherwise time-consuming process into a swift, convenient, and cost-effective project. To get a free quote, contact us now.

What is 3D Laser Scanning?

3D laser scanning is the process of digitzing an object by of a laser scanner. The technology we use uses triangulation. This process allow the scanner to release multiple lasers that reflect off small targets and return the lasers to the scanner. The data then creates a mesh, measuring height, detail, and shape between those targets to create a 3D mesh.

3D laser scanning makes replication of large real-life objects into highly accurate virtual 3D representations not only possible, but also quick, efficient, and incredibly reliable. There is no need for calipers. 

Such improvement in 3D scanning technology is most popularly used for reverse engineering components to create 3D CAD models but is also used for 3D printing, and inspection services.  

Using 3D Laser Scanning Technology For Your Project

Completely Mobile 3D Scanning System

Mobile 3D Scanning Services Anaheim

With the development of 100% mobile 3D scanners, our laser scanning system can be brought to any site to provide 3D scanning services Anaheim, Orange County, or even out of state.  In most cases, our team can schedule a 3D mobile scanning service within one business day. 

Having a mobile 3D laser scanning system allows for accurate data to be captured quickly and conveniently. After scanning is complete, files can be delivered remotely. 

3D Laser Scanning Technology

Some 3D laser scanners can only capture data in photo-style formats. At Tangent Solutions, we use the blue light laser scanning technology, the most advanced on the market.

We provide scan data in raw mesh file, clean mesh format, or fully rendered for use in your CAD software. We can also offer any design file type for you, including:

  • STL
  • IGES
  • STEP
  • STP
  • XT
  • OBJ

Leading Provider of 3D Scanning Services Anaheim

Tangent Solutions is a complete design engineering company. We provide our customers with accurate 3D laser scanning technology, paired with experts in CAD software for even the most difficult engineering projects.

Our team specializes in manufacturing, with all of our employees stemming from machining, laser cutting, and mass-market production. Other companies may deliver files but it takes true experts in the design field to understand the end goal of a project and how that contributes to the design process. 

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