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You can rely on Tangent Solutions to be your resource for 3D scanning services Orange County. Our team utilizes the latest in 3D laser scanning technology to quickly produce 3D models for CAD design, prototyping, and conceptual projects. Laser scanning is used to analyze the smallest details and available to perform on-site, at your project’s location.

There are no size limitations. Our technicians are able to take on your largest projects and can start the scanning process in as little as one business day.  

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We recognize that our clients are experts in their fields. As a result, we'd like to include their experience in our reverse engineering applications in order to achieve the greatest potential result. Let's discuss your project today.

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Reverse Engineering and CAD File Creation

Businesses utilize this technology to integrate physical complex geometries into digital product development environments, create a digital record of their own products

The most efficient and effective technique to produce a CAD model from physical objects with any complex or free-form shape is to reverse engineer it using 3D scan data. While standard measurement techniques such as calipers might make it difficult or impossible to reverse engineer these intricate surfaces, our 3D laser scanning services, and design services shine.

How to Use 3D Laser Scanning in Your Business

Verify Integrity of Your Project With A Quality Control Report

Data Verification

3D Inspection and Dimensional Analysis

3D scanning services Orange County and the data created in this service is an imperative tool for quality control applications.

3D scan data can help your company validate dimensions, highlight damage that in unseen to the naked eye, and visualize quality discrepancies in minutes. Our team consolidates this information and compares it to your existing CAD models while producing a an easy-to-read report. 

3D laser scanning is the perfect method to create a solid quality control program for your company. 

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Designs Specific For Production

Our problem-solving approach will assist you in quantifying performance targets and delivering the files you require. Each of our team members originates from manufacturing, bringing in the ability to make recommendations on design and producibility. Tangent Solutions provides a solution for you, whether you need a rapid surface model or a fully parametric file. Our experts are skilled in a range of CAD programs and can supply CAD files in whatever format you require.

With Tangent Solutions’ reverse engineering services, we turn any prototype into usable 3D CAD data. You may modernize your manufacturing and product development processes and eliminate the requirement for physical inventory by digitizing your components. 

We specialize in machining, laser cutting, and manufacturing.

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