3D Scanning – Why You Should Use it in Your Business

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3D scanning services

What is 3D Scanning?

3D scanning is the process of utilizing laser technology to scan over a physical object to collect data on its shape and appearance. The data collected is used to construct various digital 3D models.

Laser scanners are based on different technologies that are available in the market, each with its own limitations, advantages, and costs. Collected data from the scan can be manipulated for various applications. Specific industries include augmented reality, motion capture, gesture recognition, robotic mapping, industrial design, and prosthetic, reverse engineering, and prototyping.

3D model created from scan data.

The purpose of 3D scanning is to simply create a 3D model — whether it may be in the form of an object or a surrounding. This 3D model is made up of a point cloud of geometric samples on the surface of the subject that will then be later be used to conclude the final shape of your chosen 3D model subject.

In addition, 3D scanning also collects distance information about surfaces within its field of view. The picture that is then produced by the scan will describe the distance to a surface at each point in the picture. As a result, this lets the three dimensional position of each point in the picture to be clearly and easily identified. The process will then be repeated until a complete model of the subject is created.

Data is transferred into mesh that can be rendered into CAD.

Simply put, the main goal of using a 3D scanning process is to be able to build a beautiful and realistic three dimensional version of a subject.

What Industries Use 3D Scanning Integration?

Current industries that are utilizing  the 3D scanning process in their businesses:

  • Industrial Design and Engineering
  • Medical Industry
  • Forensic Science
  • Archeology and Heritage Preservation
  • Art and Design
3D Scanning

3D scanning has gained its own popularity with different businesses all over the world because of its versatile way of boosting productivity, eliminating unnecessary costs, and creating new and exciting products and for their clients.

Benefits of 3D Scanning

Given its main purpose and functionality, there is no doubt that the 3D scanning has numerous benefits to the customers and clients who will be using the final product. Here are some of the known benefits of scanning and why you should opt to use this service:

3D Scanning & Your Concept

One of the biggest challenges that any corporation faces is the conceptualization and idea generation phase. With numerous ideas and concepts that can be executed, finding the perfect one for your brand is indeed hard.

By using 3D scanning, it certainly takes conceptualizing and the whole idea generation phase to a new level. These scanners can be applied during the conceptualization stage by means of digitizing certain objects to interpret and enhance your concept diagrams.

The Design Formula

After you have digitized and enhanced your chosen subject, the next step is to have it designed and processed at the same time. The 3D scanning phase greatly helps in this phase by using a physical object to design a computer-aided design model. This means that you can scan the different parts of existing objects and fully incorporate them into the overall design with ease. As a result, this will immensely speed up the development phase.


When the design and development phase is done, your project can now move on to the implementation stage. The project in its entirety will now be launched for testing. Since you have used scans from the very beginning of your project, you are able to save time and work more efficiently until the very end of your project. In addition, this is also the time feedback can be used to enhance performance and problems with the product.

It is no doubt that 3D scanning has numerous advantages to your business and the overall efficiency of each project you deliver to market. Making full use of this technology will ensure accuracy from the very beginning of your dream project, which in turn, will speed up the time needed to put it out to market.

Tangent Solutions offers high-quality 3D scanning services that will transform any product into its best 3D version, ready for CAD design, rendering, or raw data delivery. From the conceptualization stage to the implementation phase, we assure you that your business will only experience the best 3D scanning process for their products.



Sean is head engineer with his previous career stemming from mechanical engineering, automotive dynamics, and aerospace. Pulling from real-world experience, he has over 15 years of experience as a designer and in fabrication. Before creating Tangent Solutions, Sean was the lead designer for many winning off-road race teams as well as mass-market production companies

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Tangent Solutions offers the latest in 3D scanning technology paired with 15 years of CAD design experience, to bring your ideas to reality. Our team specializes in reverse engineering and data verification.

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