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When accuracy and detail matter, our 3D scan services provide access to the most advanced laser scanning technology that provides the ultimate resource in digitally recording real world items.

There is no project too big or too small, our design engineers are ready to take on your ideas. Most projects can be scanned in the same day and returned so there is no delay in your production process.

3D Scan Services starting at just $125.

3D scanning services

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How 3D Laser Scanning Works

During the 3D scanning process, our blue light laser scanner scans real-world objects to create a digital form by laser triangulation. As the handheld laser scanner moves over multiple targets, it creates imaging between the targets. There is no mess, no spray, no taping and the 3D laser scanner has an indefinite scan size.

3D scan data creates a usable mesh that can be rendered for exact measurements. Our 3D laser scanner has resolution up to 0.02mm, giving you unmatched resolutions and detail. Follow this link for a video of 3D scanning.

3D scanning services
3D Rendering

Data from 3D laser scanning can be delivered in a raw mesh, post processed to a clean mesh, or rendered completely into CAD software. We can provide  you with any file type needed including STL, IGES, XT, STEP, DXF, SLDPRT, OBJ, and more.

After the scan process, data is ready to be created into inspection reports, verify fitment, modeling, prints, or reverse engineered.

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