Our Company Culture

We take pride in Our ability to get your product to market rapidly, precisely, and manufactured with less overhead.

The Design Formula

We are able to reverse engineer any pre-existing surface to gather data to aid in developing your product in CAD software, give you the raw data, or completely develop into reality. In this process of scanning, rendering, designing, we have created the Design Formula.
We’re continually refining our formulas based on working with our clients hand-in-hand, as well as our own real world experience. You should feel free to use the Design Formula, not just while working with us, but for all of your company’s design and engineering.

The 3D Experience

In today’s business world, technology has given a lot of updates and new things that can be used on a daily basis — from computer-aided design software to three-dimensional models.

Rendering tools and software, as well as 3D programs, have been increasingly used in order to build photo-realistic visualizations of products as they continue to evolve and develop

When it comes to the best  CAD design systems and producing stunning 3D models, Tangent Solutions has your business covered We offer our clients only the best 3D experience from the start to end.

we want to build a relationship with our clients
not just deliver files.