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The 3D Experience

3D technology is now more accessible than ever. 3D laser scanning allows customers and businesses to create ultra-accurate 3D models that elevate their designs and products. 

By working with our team, you have access to a company of professional design engineers, technicians, and product development designers, all working with the latest 3D technology. 

From CAD file creation, reverse engineering, and 3D data analysis, we have the tools to precisely reproduce any existing product and deliver quality, digital files. 

Our workflow includes a discussion about your project goals to verify the 3D experience that can be delivered throughout you relations with our company. We tailor each task with 3D files, renderings, and manufacturing tasks, all based on the deliverables required. 

We build a relationship with our clients, instead of simply only delivering files.

Reach the desired audience

The Design Formula

We are able to reverse engineer any pre-existing surface to gather data to aid in developing your product in CAD software, give you the raw data, or consult on a product development plan. In the process of scanning, reverse engineering, designing, we have created a design formula. 

We’re continually refining our formula based on working with our clients hand-in-hand, as well as our own real world experience. 

Team Tangent Solutions
Meet Our Team
Sean Kepler

Lead Design Engineer

Specializing in product development, mechanical engineering, automotive dynamics, and aerospace.

Andrew Sicarios

Engineering Assistant

Has an extensive background in manufacturing, he is an expert in 3D laser scanning and rapid prototyping.

James Ellis

Design Engineer

Expert CAD file creation reflecting his background in laser cutting, forming, and manufacturing experience.

Ozan Avuç

Design Engineer

File conversion specialist delivering the highest attention to detail and thrives on the most complicated projects.

Andrea Kepler

Business Development

Director of all sales and business strategy. Contact for administrative affairs.

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