Tangent Solutions – 3D Scanning in Orange County

Tangent Solutions

Orange County is famous for its industrial modeling and simulation services throughout the world. Additive manufacturing, prototyping, 3D scanning, and 3D printing play a crucial role in the design and development processes for the aviation, education, and automotive sectors. With so many players offering a myriad of solutions, you might get confused about who to […]

3D Scanning In Healthcare

3d scanning in healthcare

3D scanning has created a thriving market for themselves by optimizing critical operations in numerous industrial sectors, including healthcare. In the medical sphere, 3D technologies have advanced so much that we are now closer than ever to achieving things that seemed impossible a few years ago.  The internet is full of resources on the role […]

The Role of 3D Scanning in Manufacturing

3D scanning in Manufacturing

The first concept of 3D scanning was introduced in the ’60s and over the years, this technology has considerably changed. Advancements in computing technology and other fields have made 3D scanning practical, affordable, and fast enough to have real-world applications in numerous fields like manufacturing, healthcare, education, and even archeology. Today, 3D scanning has a […]

A Beginner’s Guide to 3D Laser Scanning

Motor 3D Scan Services

3D scanning technology has taken over the industrial world in a short while because of its unparalleled capabilities. The process is quite simple to initiate. It also takes a fraction of time to process all kinds of unique geometries with relative ease.  All 3D scanners operate similarly, but the scanning methodology it uses can have […]

Should You Buy a 3D Scanner or Hire a 3D Scanning Service?

3d scanner

If you are in the need to have your product 3D scanned for post-processing, design optimization, and any other applications, you’ll either need to buy a 3D scanner or approach a 3D scanning service near you. Since the technology is still growing, you’ll notice a discrepancy in the rates you might receive.  3D scanning may […]

How 3D Scanners Work

3D scanning services

3D scanning has slowly turned into an integral requirement of various industrial processes where design and simulation play an important role. The concept and technology have been around for some time but recent advancements in computing and scanning technology have allowed it to grow exponentially. Today, 3D scanners are a practical and affordable option for […]

3D Printing and Scanning: Techniques for Innovation

3D printing

50 years ago, no one thought that we’ll be able to scan and print daily use objects, machine components, and even buildings with a few clicks on a computer. However, times have changed and advances in 3D printing and 3D scanning technologies have opened the door to new possibilities.  Today, 3D printing and 3D scanning […]

File Your Patent Designs the Right Way

Patent Designs

Have a brilliant idea promising enough to be your road to success? The first thing you should be concerned about is protecting your invention. Everything moves fast in the digital era; recent years have revealed that there is a massive surge in competition and the trend is not slowing down any time soon. Your patent […]

3D Scanning in the Motorsports Industry


The motorsports industry is obsessed with excellence. To stay on top, organizations spend time and considerable resources to get the best engines, the best designs, the best race teams, and the best of everything else. The cool vehicles you see zooming through the race track need a lot of planning and testing before they become […]

3D Scanning & Photogrammetry: What to Know

3D Rendering

Digital 3D models have become a cornerstone for many industries. Traditionally, engineers used different CAD modeling tools to create a digital record of different designs, but that required time and expertise. Technologies like 3D scanning and photogrammetry have completely changed the game. Manufacturing, research, defense, and several other industries rely on 3D scanning techniques to […]