Advantages of 3D Laser Scanning for Automotive Applications

The automotive industry has seen significant advancements in recent years, especially when it comes to the integration of 3D laser scanning for automotive engineering. This technology is one of the most notable innovations that has revolutionized the automotive industry. This technology has transformed the way cars are designed, engineered, and manufactured. In this article, we’ll […]

How to 3D Scan for CNC Machining

3D laser scanning is a revolutionary engineering tool for digitizing surfaces into usable data. Scan data is commonly used for data verification purposes but users can also 3D scan for CNC machined parts production.  How do you 3D scan for CNC machined parts? What is the process of creating files ready for machine programming?  The […]

3D Scanning For Boats –
Handmade to CAD

Modernizing the production phase of a project is a big feat for many companies. Reverse engineering a boat means a company can move away from handmade manufacturing. For projects of this size, 3D scanning for boats needs a team who specializes in both engineering and scanning. At Tangent Solutions, our team enjoys the opportunity to […]

On Site 3D Scanning Service For Medium Duty Trucks

When we first started Tangent Solutions, our file creation abilities were limited to the size of the project. Customers frequently requested on site 3D scanning for art sculptures, buses, and race vehicles but the platform we used was constricted to a mounting surface. Investing into a completely mobile 3D laser scanner was a game changer. […]

5 Advantages of 3D Laser Scanning For Reverse Engineering

3D scanning has provided design engineers a faster way to create 3D files for any existing project. These files are needed for various engineering projects. 3D laser scanning for reverse engineering purposes is the fastest way to create these files when none exist or when products vary greatly from their original model. What is 3D […]

How to 3D Scan for CAD Files

Are you looking to generate a CAD file from 3D scan data? CAD files are needed for manufacturing and quality control applications. Below I explain the process on how to 3D scan for CAD files. When digitizing real-life objects, 3D laser scanners can measure complicated items rapidly and efficiently. This greatly speeds up the design […]

3D Scanning for Aerospace Projects

The aerospace industry relies heavily on the accuracy and precision of thousands of parts that go into designing an airplane. Validating the integrity of each part confirms whether an airplane has thousands of flying hours or an aviation disaster. How can 3D laser scanning be used in the aerospace industry?   Whether it be tiny […]

The Best 3D Scanning App for 3D Printing

When you want to digitize an object for 3D printing by a mobile application, you want to know the best 3D scanning app for 3D printing. What is 3D scanning? 3D scanning is the process of capturing the three-dimensional shape of an object by way of lasers or photos. A 3D laser scanner collects data […]

How to 3D Scan With Your Phone

Are you wondering how to 3D scan with your phone? Can you digitize an object with a mobile application? 3D scanning captures the three-dimensional shape of an object using a laser scanner or other digital imaging system. The data collected can be used to create a three-dimensional model of the object, which can be used […]

A Beginner’s Guide to 3D Laser Scanning

With the rapid advances in technology, 3D laser scanning has become more accessible and affordable than ever before. This powerful tool can be used for a variety of applications, from product design to heritage preservation. You may be asking, what is 3D laser scanning? It seems that 3D laser scanning technology has taken over the […]