3D Scanning Reverse Engineering Services

3d scanning reverse engineering services

Traditionally, the process of reverse engineering involves a lot of disassembly work. Engineers used good, old-fashioned tools in order to break down mechanical components to understand how it works. Today, 3D scanning for reverse engineering can deliver precise, accurate, and editable 3D models of these components, without taking out the calipers. 3D scanning for reverse […]

3D Laser Scanning Services – Prepare With These Best Practices

types of 3d scanners

Designing products and bringing them into the world is an exciting endeavor for any company. 3D scanning is a new tool that makes creativity easier than ever. With 3D scanning services provided by Tangent Solutions, data created is versatile enough for use in prototyping, reverse engineering, and much more. Our 3D mobile laser scanning services […]

Does a 3D Printer Need a 3D Scanner? Everything You Need to Know

Does a 3D Printer Need a 3D Scanner? Everything You Need to Know About How the Technology Works

3D scanner reverse engineering is an under-appreciated workhorse that helps 3D printing work its magic. Some 3D printing projects, such as those that use open source or purchased pre-made 3D models, do not require it. However, when a project requires creating an original 3D model from a real-life printed object or source of inspiration, a […]

3D Scanning Service Near Me that Specializes in CAD and Designing

3D Scanning Service Near Me that Specializes in CAD and Designing

In today’s world, computer-aided design (CAD) is a valuable skill. It has numerous real-world applications, ranging from car building to modeling entire buildings, and plays a crucial role in designing products in all industries. This means, that high-quality 3D scanning services have a large impact on your company’s overall productivity and success. Let’s look at […]

How Much Does a 3D Scan Cost?

how much does a 3d scan cost

The rapid advancement of 3D scanning technology has allowed for the vast improvement of countless applications across multiple industries. Workflows are now more flexible, as well as more time and cost-efficient than ever before, thanks to 3D mobile laser scanning. It’s no surprise that more companies are incorporating cutting-edge laser triangulation technology to scan objects. […]

How 3D Laser Scanning is Changing Several Industries

The 21st century has brought unprecedented changes to many industrial processes. Technologies like IoT, internet of things – which includes sensor software communication, 3D printing, and 3D laser scanning stand at the forefront, due to their versatility and incredible applications. In a short time span, 3D scanning has established itself as one of the most […]

How to Use 3D Laser Scanning for Quality Control

3d scanning for quality control

The 3D laser scanning process dramatically speeds up CAD file development and for reverse engineering purposes but how do I use 3D laser scanning for quality control and quality assurance? 3D laser scanning is a vital tool for quality control and quality assurance applications as the 3D scan data can show microscopic damage of a […]

How Does 3D Scanning Work?

How Does 3D Scanning Work?

3D laser scanning has proven to be useful in a variety of industries over the last few years. From construction and architecture to reverse engineering, 3D scanning is setting a new standard for industrial professionals. However, choosing the best 3D scanning companies for your needs is a complicated task—as with any other technological device, there […]