Is 3D Laser Scanning Expensive? 4 Reasons To Outsource This Service

For business owners, quality, accuracy, and detail are top priorities. 3D scanning services can help you achieve high-end results for your next design project. However, investing in a full 3D scanning setup can be cost-prohibitive. You also need to pay for the software and hire a skilled professional to operate this equipment.

Fortunately, business owners with a tight budget can turn to outsourcing to enjoy the benefits of 3D scanning without breaking the bank.

Outsourcing can save you time and money while making your design process easier than ever. Let’s go over four of the best reasons to outsource 3D scanning.

Top-Notch Equipment

Hiring another company to take care of your 3D scanning needs means you get access to the equipment they’ve already invested in and spent time troubleshooting. Dedicated 3D scanning companies invest in high-end scanners that can meet any of your needs.

Quality scanners can achieve extremely precise results. There’s also no size limit on the most cutting-edge scanners, allowing them to scan everything from machine components to entire buildings.

Expert Scanning Techniques

Setting up and using a scanner is another process that takes time. If you attempt to do your 3D scanning yourself, you could end up spending hours simply learning how to calibrate your scanner and get the most precise results. There’s generally a learning curve as you adjust to using new equipment.

Skilled technicians are experts in getting a clean, high-resolution scan as quickly as possible. When you outsource your scanning, you can expect reliable results every time.

High-Resolution Results

When you make 3D a part of your design process, you’re depending on that equipment to deliver usable, reliable results. Cheaper, lower-quality scanners can’t offer the same amount of detail, and they also aren’t as reliable. Distortion is a concern when working with lower-quality scanners.

Blue light laser scanners generate a cloud of data points that map out each detail and facet of the item you need to be scanned. These scanners have an impressive resolution of 0.02 mm, which indicates the smallest amount of space between two data points. Closely-mapped data points create a realistic and accurate model of your object.

Prompt and Flexible Data Delivery

3D scanning companies work with a wide range of clients from different industries, and they have experience delivering data in several formats for different purposes. After we scan objects and create a mass of data points, we can turn that data into different file types.

Some clients prefer a raw data mesh, while others request that we process the data into a clean, ready-to-use mesh. We can also fully render the data so you can plug it straight into Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software, including file types like STL, IGES, XT, STEP, and more.

Tangent Solutions Offers 3D Scanning Services

Some companies also offer post-processing assistance such as CAD services and model rendering, offering their expertise to streamline your design process. Outsourcing these highly specialized tasks can save you money and give you access to expert-level work.

Tangent Solutions offers 3D scanning for your design projects. 3D scanning is increasingly popular because of its practicality in many fields. We can help with rapid prototyping, reverse engineering, digitizing, and more. Get in touch for a consultation today!

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Sean is lead engineer with his previous career stemming from mechanical engineering, automotive dynamics, and aerospace. Pulling from real-world experience, he has over 15 years of experience as a designer and in fabrication. Before creating Tangent Solutions, Sean was the lead designer for many winning off-road race teams as well as mass-market production companies

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