Extensive and Creative CAD Design Services Los Angeles

CAD Design Services Los Angeles

Businesses from various industries have converted to 3D printing their products. 3D scanning and printing technology not only lowers production costs and shortens production time, but also streamlines the product design, engineering, and manufacturing processes.  This is made possible because of computer-aided (CAD) design services Los Angeles.

CAD refers to the use of computer tools such as software programs in modifying, analyzing, and optimizing a design process. This technology is often used by architects, game designers, artists, manufacturers, and CAD designers and engineers.

How CAD Design Services Can Benefit Your Business?

There’s a wide range of uses for CAD. Whether you’re in entertainment, medical equipment manufacturing, automobile engineering, or property building, your business will greatly benefit from CAD.

CAD can help you streamline the design process and improve the quality of the design. This is vital in improving the quality of your products, which is often the heart of your business.

Knowing this, you can choose to hire an in-house CAD designer and/or engineer to deliver quality work and get the job done.

Though some companies choose to do this, for most businesses, doing so is not cost-effective. Hiring a professional full-time is not practical for most businesses that only need CAD design services once in a while.

In such cases, it’s good to acquire CAD Design Services from a trusted company in Los Angeles. In Tangent Solutions, we built our expertise around 3D scanning, rendering, and especially, designing. Using CAD computer software, we can help you draft designs based on your initial concept, and work with you to bring your plans to life!

Tangent Solutions CAD Design Services

Each industry has different needs when it comes to CAD design. At Tangent Solutions in Los Angeles CA, we offer a wide range of CAD Design services, from CAD drafting services to prototyping and modeling.

Our priority is to provide the best customer experience, and we take pride in each project we help clients in.

To do this, we have everything clients need, from 3D scanning and drafting drawings to engineering and prototyping your product. These help your product development become more efficient and cost-effective. Our previous clients can account for how accurate and efficient our work is.

Hiring just one CAD designer or engineer is already expensive, but when you work with Tangent Solutions in Los Angeles CA, you get to work with a team of professional CAD designers and engineers on a project basis or as retainers.

All our designers and engineers are professionals with real-life experience, so they can help you from the planning stage all the way to product creation to help make sure that your project goes smoothly.

We offer highly-rated drafting services for quality drawings. Our CAD designers can help you with CAD drafting and create high-quality drawings based on your project description and ideas. We also offer top-quality CAD modeling based on your technical plans or 3D scan, which we also provide in-house.

Meanwhile, our engineers know the functionality of a design. With backgrounds in engineering design and manufacturing, they will help create 3D models and drafts based on your specifications to turn mere concepts into highly functional products that suit your needs.

Our team always prioritizes our clients, and we know that you would want to know what is happening during the CAD design process. Our designers and engineers keep an open line of communication with clients and will provide regular updates as well as inform you should they foresee any potential challenges in the process.

When developing a product, you want to focus all of your attention on the outcome and worry less about spending on your designers and engineers.

By outsourcing design and engineering services, you can streamline your product development process and invest more in the materials you will use for building your actual product.

Whether you already have a project that’s ongoing or you need help kick-starting it, Tangent Solutions can help you! We can assist you to modify an existing product, or we can sit down with you and help bring your ideas to life!

Tangent Solutions offers a wide range of CAD design services from 2D to 3D CAD. Whether you’re a product development team, an architect, or a business owner, our team of CAD designers can help you transform mere drafts into real-life prototypes.

For efficient product development, we enable rapid prototyping and modeling to lower your manufacturing costs without sacrificing quality and attention to detail.

CAD Design Services in Los Angeles

Are you in need of the best CAD design services in the Los Angeles area? Tangent Solutions has over 15 years of experience offering a wide range of CAD design services to accommodate your needs!

From 3D drafting to modifying or validating existing CAD designs, our experienced designers and engineers can do it for you! At Tangent solutions, we take great pride in our quality of service and have developed a formula that allows us to help numerous businesses and professionals with their projects.

We deliver our CAD product design drafts in any format of your choice such as XT, STEP, IGS, SLDPRT, SLDASM. You can also send in an item for us to scan, and we can send the files in a day! No matter your industry, we can help you create the product of your dreams with all the details and functionality it needs.

You can get a free quote on any of our CAD design services. To learn more about how we can help you or your business, contact us at Tangent Solutions today.