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Our company provides Connecticut 3D scanning services for all types of engineering projects. We can create industry-specific CAD files by reverse engineering to accomplish your product development or quality control goals. There are no size or location limitations. Have a technician come to your project or send it into our in-house design team.

Our design engineers specialize in manufacturing, with years of experience in product development. We pass this knowledge into our designs to validate the efficiency of the production process.

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Connecticut 3D Scanning Services and More

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By using a mobile 3D laser scanning system, our technicians will arrive on-site to gather data on your largest jobs. There is little to no downtime fo your project and service can be scheduled within one business day. 3D scan data is an essential tool for the latest manufacturing and product development techniques. 


Benefits for Connecticut 3D Scanning Service

  • Files delivered are dimensionally accurate.
  • Accuracy up to 0.02mm
  • Little to no down time. 
  • Same-day service and file generation.  
  • Scan time by the hour vs. by the project. 
  • Knowledgable technicians.  

To view samples of commonly delivered data files, click below. 

3D Scanning project benefits

File Creation

Common file deliverables include STL and OBJ, mesh files along with fully functional CAD files in STEP, IGES, or XT.


Scan data is enhanced by cleaning up, deleting unwanted data, orientated, and cataloged.


Dimensionally accurate data means ID, OD, and other dimensions are delivered with precision up to 0.02mm.


Scan sizes can be modified in order to ensure deliverable load quickly without compromising detail.

3D Scanning Services and More

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Industries We Serve for Connecticut 3D Scanning Projects

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Read What our Clients Say

I have used several companies in the past, but I am so excited to work with Tangent Solutions. They've helped me develop some new product and have done an amazing job, great response, and help me work out some engineering problems that we were not able to fix.
Ray Hoogenraad
Bremark Golf Carts
Tangent Solutions was able to produce a far better scan then the #1 TOP scanning service for the Entertainment Industry at a much more reasonable price. Not only were they able to produce one of the best scans my 3D modeler had ever seen, they were able to do it quickly and easily.
Patrick Ecclesine
Provided 3D scans for aerospace casting straightening operations. Tangent provided best fit heat maps that align with our customers scans. Excellent support and prompt response. I have used this service several times in the last year. They are my first call for scanning services.
Pierre Vaillancourt
ADC Aerospace