3D Scanning Services Las Vegas

High-Accuracy 3D Scanning Services Las Vegas

When you’re searching for the best 3D scanning services Las Vegas provider, we offer unmatched solutions for manufacturing, CAD file creation and more. No matter what industry you’re in, you can benefit from the accuracy, precision, and cost-efficiency 3D laser scanning brings.

At Tangent Solutions, we work with your workflow and timeline. We integrate our 3D scanning technology into your product development goals.

Our technicians and engineers use the reliability of top-tier mobile blue light laser scanners to accurately scan an object from every angle and convert it into a digital design, in seconds.

We have the ability to conduct same-day service for  in-house scanning . For larger and remote jobs, our scanning platform can be uses for mobile 3D laser scanning services.  

Specializing In

Small Object 3D Scanning
3D Mobile Laser Scanning
Product Development
Reverse Engineering
3D Inspection Services
Data Analysis

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What Are 3D Scanning Services Used For?

Reverse Engineering

Our engineers use the latest in 3D laser scanning technology to create realistic 3D models of any existing surface using blue light technology. 3D scanning services Las Vegas scan data is used to create precise, mesh designs with resolutions of up to 0.02mm; making the data exact in metrology.

Scan data can be reverse engineered, modified, and measured. Files created include STEP, IGES, and XT, to name a few. These universal files are essential for product development and manufacturing purposes. 

3D Inspection Services

Our 3D laser scanning platforms instantly digitize cars, car interiors, car parts, automotive parts, and tech devices. We use such 3D laser scanning technology to provide 3D scanning services Las Vegas for company’s with the following scenarios:

  • Retrofitting parts of large machinery
  • Creating prototypes of existing products for improvement
  • Mass product development
  • Developing augmented reality assets
  • Creating visual effects for films

Industries Benefitting from 3D Laser Scanning

3D Laser Scanning for
Any Project, Any Size

3D scanning services offers manufacturing, dimensional analysis, and prototyping for businesses in the following fields:

  • Aerospace
  • Advertising
  • Automotive design
  • Amphibious devices
  • Consumer products
  • Digital assets
  • eCommerce

What Sets Tangent Solutions Apart?

At Tangent Solutions, we serve clients in the manufacturing and designing industries around the country with fast and leading technology. We stand out from the Las Vegas-based competition because of our quick turnaround time.

You can ship your sample or prototype to our office, and 3D scanning can be completed in one business day. From there we work within your project goals and consult on the most efficient design delivery. Our team specializes in manufacturing and all stem from real-world production experience. 

Access to a Team of Design Engineers

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