What is 3D Rendering?

3D rendering is the generation of photo-realistic images of an object into three-dimensional form. Rendering allows data points to be meshed together to create a realistic image that is correctly dimensional for further manipulation and design in computer aided drafting or to create digital assets. 3D rendering is used in numerous industries including game development, movie CGI, engineering, and artwork.

Render Your Data

Data gathered from the 3D scanner can be rendered and manipulated into our CAD software or any format required. Data can be put into 2D flat patterns as well.

The mesh that you see is a collection of data through triangulation. Data points are collected during the scan by the laser reflection as it scans by the targets in reality.

Renderings allow the data to become completely functional; cycled, flexed, etc. Rendering is not mandatory but is essential to collect datums and other precise measurements for CAD design

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