3D Rendering

Make Your 3D Models Fully Functional
with 3D Rendering


Render Your Data

Data from a 3D scanning services can be transformed from mesh into a fully functional 3D model. A 3D rendering can be edited, moved, and manipulated in CAD software or showcased purely for conceptual purposes.

Before the post processing data from a 3D scan, the mesh that you see is a collection of data through triangulation, points collected during a scan through the blue light laser scanner in relation to the targets in reality. The mesh is a concept of the object but cannot be manipulated.

The 3D Rendering process allows the data to become completely functional; cycled, flexed, etc. Rendering is not mandatory but is essential to collect precis data points like ID, OD, and other measurements especially for CAD design services.

3D Rendering
3D scanning services

Technology you Can Use

3D Rendering for Precise Models


Rendering your scan data allows it to be correct in dimensions. From ID, OD, and any other data points.


Optimizing your rendering to get ready for CAD design and manipulation. Holes and inconsistencies can easily be filled in.


Post-processing scan file can isolate the important data you need for your project and delete the rest.


File sizes from 3D scanning can become huge based on the amount of data and resolution. Rendering reduces file size.

Seamless Design

Clean Up Your Models

When our technicians use our portable 3D laser scanner to scan your project, the blue light laser picks up everything around it. Basic clean up is always included in 3D scanning services but to begin optimizing your model, Rendering is your best solution for perfecting the project. In post-processing, inconsistencies can be smooth and holes filled to give you the most precise rendered file.

Do I Need 3D Rendering?

This depends upon your goals for your data!

Some of our clients use a 3D mesh for strictly conceptual ideas to show off to their customers or investors.

A beautiful 3D model is a great way to show off a new product before it comes to market or put out on social media before deciding to make a product into reality. If this is your plan for your scan, then a mesh file is perfect.

For those of you who are looking to optimize your 3D scan data, then rendering is absolutely needed to extract important elements and measurements.

Rendering 3D scan data will be the most time consuming for our designers but it will deliver the smoother, most detailed data available.

3D Rendering
3D Rendering
CAD Render

Can I do my Own
3D Rendering?

Of course! We can provide the STL or OBJ files from our 3D scanning services and its ready for you to render. If you have us render your data, we use VXElements, software that is connected to our 3D laser scanner.

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