In today’s world of engineering and designing, it is very important that you have a system and software that you can trust, and at the same time, can do all the design work and processes in an easy and simple way.

With the number of software and systems that is available in the market today, the struggle is finding the perfect one that will do all the job.

This is where the Solidworks software comes in handy.

What is Solidworks and how does it work?

There are a number of solid modeling software available in the market, but one of the most popular choice designer is Solidworks. Published by Dassault Systèmes, Solidworks is a solid modeling computer-aided design and a computer-aided engineering computer program that primarily runs on Microsoft Windows. Though this computer program can operate with the Mac OS, Solidworks is not built to support and be compatible with it.

After its advent, over two million engineers and designers were using and applying Solidworks in their respective companies. In addition to this, this computer program also sold to a large proportion of educational licenses. With this being said, this computer program is considered as the world’s most popular CAD software as its user base ranges from individuals to large corporations that cover a very wide representation of manufacturing market segments.

CAD Design

Solidworks’ main purpose is it uses the principle of parametric design and generates three types of interconnected files namely the part, the assembly, and the drawing. Any modification to one of these files will definitely be reflected and applied in the other two in real-time. Aside from this, this kind of computer program immensely aids you to perform any 2D and 3D modeling since this computer-aided design software is popularly known or its ease of use. To sum it all up, the Solidworks software allows you to do the following task without any hassle:


  • Design precise 3D objects
  • Develop products of your choice
  • Carefully double-check your file’s design
  • Maintains a specific library for your 3D files
  • Curate 2D drawings
  • Produce images and animates your 3D objects
  • Exactly estimates the overall manufacturing costs of all your 3D objects


Additionally, Solidworks software supports a number of 3D file formats — which are as follows:


  • 3D XML
  • ACIS
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Portable Document Format
  • Autodesk Inventor
  • CATIA Graphics
  • DXF/DWG Files
  • DXF 3D
  • Solidworks eDrawings
  • Highly Compressed Graphics
  • IDF 2.0
  • IDF 3.0
  • IDF 4.0
  • IFC
  • IGES
  • JPEG
  • Mechanical Desktop
  • PADS
  • Parasolid
  • PDF
  • ProStep EDMED
  • Rhino
  • ScanTo3D
  • Solid Edge
  • STEP
  • STL
  • TIFF
  • U3D
  • Unigraphics
  • Viewpoint
  • VRML
  • XPS

Given this information, having a Solidworks software in your corporation’s arsenal is indeed very essential — most especially if you are in the engineering and designing industry. This computer program software will definitely help you in creating the perfect 2D and 3D product design. 

You also do not need worry about compatibility issues with your product design since Solidworks software supports a lot of 3D file formats — allowing you to be able to save your product design in as many file formats as you want. From 3D printing to laser cutting to CNC machining, all your fabrication requirements can be achieved with Solidworks.


The importance of the Solidworks Software and why you should use it now

Now that you have a basic knowledge about Solidworks, its use, and how it works, the next thing that you should know is its importance and benefits. Given that it is now commonly used and widely regarded at present, there are a few other advantages that make Solidworks a wise software investment. Here are some of them:

1. Solidworks software is very efficient in 3D design

Since Solidworks is deemed to be an easy to use parametric design modular software, it means that you can easily create and edit your chosen design at any stage of its process. With the help of RealView graphics and PhotoView 360, these tools allow you to visualize your design in real-time while making a sophisticated photo realistic renderings and animations. Given this, you are now able to look at each of your individual design parts, see its accurate mass properties, and check for interference between components. As a result, you won’t have to manufacture the product first in order to analyze its functionality— which will definitely save you time and money. Additionally, this also speeds up the whole research design and development process, which in turn, increases your productivity level.

2. Nothing beats the customer and supplier compatibility

Having a computer-aided design system that is widely recognized is very significant in any engineering and design company. With this in mind, it is important that you choose a software that is compatible with the customer and supplier preference file format— like Solidworks.

These days, the chances are high that a customer, supplier, or even a competitor is using the Solidworks software. This means that you are easily eliminating the need to convert the files needed from one system to another, which results in a lot of time saving and minimizing the chance for mistakes. This is a key factor in synchronizing a systematic approach when working with customers and suppliers since using a standardized software package results in less time wasted with conversion, seeing an increase in efficiency, and delivering better results.

3. Utilizing Solidworks software entails only a short learning curve

It is no great secret that time is gold, which is why a lot of companies want their organization to always strive for continuous improvement and set the standard for their competitors. With this in mind, Solidworks software is your best bet as it offers its users a consistent user interface all throughout the designing and drafting procedure, producing a continuous and logical flow from beginning to end. This makes the transaction of 3D CAD system to be swift, simple, and easy.

Moreover, this software has built-in tutorials and a number of wonderful presets to make any designing fast and stress-free. In addition, it also has a training course structure that is solely designed to let customers build a suitable learning and development path that tackles essential information about what a specific industry needs.

Want to start building your product design now?

To sum it all, the Solidworks software is known as the preeminent software for the computer-aided design and computer-aided engineering department for a reason.

Aside from the fact that it is very efficient and effective in making 2D and 3D product designs, it also aids in combining multiple parts together into assemblies by assigning relationships among various features. Simply put, this computer program software is basically the one-stop shop design that can definitely turn any ideas into reality.

Tangent Solutions offers a reverse engineering service that completely runs on Solidworks software. We always make sure that your product design — whether it may be 2D or 3D — will have the best look that is created. Furthermore, you will be able to monitor your product design process from start to finish — making sure that there will be no errors along the way.