Chassis Development
Suspension Design

Vehicle dynamics play a major role in the development phase of the auto industry. Tangent Solutions is able to take your specifications and develop details that are unsurpassed for each design.

Our chassis and suspension designs are a compilation of 20 years experience in the auto racing industries with our designs apart of championship winning teams and product lines.

Have a design in mind? We keep these characteristics in mind throughout the entire process.

Automobile drag coefficient
Automotive aerodynamics
Center of pressure
Ground effect

Center of mass
Moment of inertia
Roll moment
Sprung mass
Unsprung mass
Weight distribution

Ackermann steering geometry
Axle track
Camber angle
Ride height
Roll center
Scrub radius
Steering ratio
Wheel alignment

Automobile layout
Braking system

Camber thrust
Circle of forces
Contact patch
Cornering force
Ground pressure
Pacejka’s Magic Formula
Pneumatic trail
Radial Force Variation
Relaxation length
Rolling resistance
Self aligning torque
Slip angle
Steering ratio
Tire load sensitivity

Coil springs
Lead springs
Torsion bars

Shock absorbers
Suspension strut
Anti-sway bars

All chassis development is one through CAD design utilizing 15 years experience in Solidworks. Paired with 3D scanning technology, our engineers can scan any size vehicle or existing product to give you the most detailed data for reverse engineering.