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When accuracy and detail are paramount on your design project, Tangent’s 3D scanning services provide you with access to the most advanced laser scanning technology, empowering your team with the ultimate tool for digitally rendering physical objects found in the real world.

There is no project too big or too small when it comes to 3D scanning! Our 3D design engineers are ready to turn your big ideas into reality by providing a digital representation for more efficient product development. Most projects can be scanned on the day they arrive and promptly returned, so there aren’t any delays in your production process.

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3D scanning services

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How 3D Laser Scanning Works

The 3D scanning process uses a blue light laser scanner to transform real-world objects into a digital rendering by laser triangulation. As the 3D laser scanner is passed over multiple targets, it generates a raw data point cloud between the targets. A clean and quick process, there is no mess, no spray, no taping, and our 3D laser scanner can perform nearly infinite scan sizes.

Whatever the object size, our high-precision scanners are powerful enough to transform the details of physical objects into digital representation—even large objects like entire buildings!

If you’re thinking about buying your own 3D scanner instead of hiring a 3D scanning service like ours, keep in mind, some 3D scanners can only scan in a picture file format.

Our technicians use laser scanners that deliver precise metrology, gathering a cloud of 3D data points that generate a wire mesh visual representation that can be rendered later for finding exact measurements within CAD software.

The resolution of our 3D laser scanner is an astounding 0.02mm, providing you with unparalleled digital resolution and depth of detail. Curious to see how it works? Follow this link to view a video of our 3D laser scanning process in action!

Data points collected using our 3D laser scanning services can be rendered and manipulated in many types of CAD software, such as Solidworks. Whatever file type you may need for design, we can provide it, including STL and OBJ file formats.

3D scanning services
3D Rendering

Data from your 3D laser scan can be delivered in a raw mesh format, post-processed into a clean mesh, or completely rendered for use in CAD software. 

We can deliver you whatever type of design file format is needed, including STL, IGES, XT, STEP, DXF, SLDPRT, OBJ, and more.

After your 3D scan process has been completed, the data generates a visualization that can be utilized for inspection reports, verifying fitment, modeling, 3D printing, or reverse-engineering purposes.

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What Can You Achieve With 3D Scanning Data?

Industries We Provide 3D Scanning Services To:

  • Aerospace
  • Advertising
  • Automotive Interiors
  • Amphibious Devices
  • Architecture
  • Automotive Wraps
  • Construction
  • Consumer Products
  • Digital Assets
  • Ecommerce
  • Injection Molding
  • Motorsports
  • Manufacturing
  • Plastic Modeling

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What Can You Achieve With 3D Scanning Data?

Clean Up Of Your Digital Data Models

When our technicians use our portable 3D scanning equipment to capture your project at your business, the blue light laser reads everything in the environment around it. Because of this reality, basic digital clean-up of the data capture is always included in our 3D scanning services. That said, if you want to completely optimize your model, rendering is an essential element to perfect your project. In post-processing, we smooth inconsistencies and fill any holes to provide your team with a crisply rendered file that can be implemented for precise measuring purposes.

Do You Need 3D Rendering?

Whether or not you’ll need 3D rendering after your scan will depend on your design goals. Some of our clients simply use a 3D mesh for conceptual representation of ideas to show their customers or investors, free of much detail.

3D models are a great way to introduce new product concepts before taking them to market. A mesh visualization is perfect for most users when concepting is your primary objective for your 3D scan data.

For those looking to run testing on or modify their 3D scan data with CAD software, rendering is essential to extract the important elements and measurements needed to obtain quality results.

Rendering 3D scan data is often time-consuming for designers because of the large file sizes involved when rendering 3D on a desktop. That said, rendering delivers exceptionally smooth, highly accurate, and fine details. This can be useful for industries such as medical device manufacturing, where prototypes may be costly to produce.

3D Scanning Data For Your Next Design Project

Discover the possibilities for your manufacturing process. Call the Tangent Solutions team today to schedule a 3D laser scanning session at our office or yours in Southern California.

Our technicians provide unparalleled service for our clients every time! We offer a wide range of 3D services, including drafting, engineering, rendering, and 3D printing, for a total end-to-end solution for any type of design challenge you may have.

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