CAD Design Services - Supplying Quality and Professional Drawings

CAD Design without Complication

Having efficient and accessible CAD files in your business does not have to be a project in itself. We offer accessibility to professional engineers who have real-world experience in design and manufacturing.

Hiring designers and engineers is expensive. Our CAD designers are here to work with you, project-by-project or on a retainer basis. With accessibility to our engineers, you no longer have to hire someone full time and you can focus on your business.

Other companies may be able to draw in a CAD software but it takes true engineering experience to know the functionality of a design.

CAD Design

Tangent Solutions provides top-quality drafting services for accurate drawings and CAD modeling based on your technical drawings or 3D scan.

We enable your team to easily access and utilize CAD drawings so your business can scale more efficiently. We offer 3D models and drawings by professional engineers who have real-world experience in production drawings, engineering design, and manufacturing.

Developing Products More Efficiently

Hiring in-house designers and engineers can be expensive. Our CAD design services can keep your costs down by working with you on a project-by-project or retainer basis.

Whether you need us to create an original CAD design or modify an existing project, we are here! We start by sitting down to uncover all of your engineering needs, including production, design, and functionality testing.

Some companies may offer design work in CAD software, but it takes true engineering expertise to understand the full range of functionality needed for product design.

Rapid Prototyping And Modeling

The engineering services team at Tangent provides a wide range of CAD design services from 2D to 3D CAD, helping you bring your idea to life. Our 3D modeling services can empower everyone from product development teams to architects.

We enable rapid prototyping for more efficient product development, helping lower overhead costs for manufacturers.

We can handle projects of any size, and we always provide CAD modeling services that are of the highest quality.

Top-quality work is our mission for the engineering services we provide our clients.

CAD Design
CAD Design
CAD Design

3D CAD Drafting Services

When you hire our CAD projects team, you get far more than just a CAD file. We analyze the entire range of engineering considerations, including manufacturing, design, and functionality improvements when working on client CAD projects.

Our 15 years of CAD drawing expertise enables us to efficiently design products that are optimized for cost-effective manufacturing.

Whether you need an original CAD design or need to efficiently modify an existing project, we are here to deliver exceptional engineering services for your business!

Throughout the entire design process, our drafting team and engineers communicate their progress and any potential challenges they foresee along the way.

3D scan data can be delivered to your engineers and CAD designers in STL or OBJ format the same day we scan your item.

CAD Design
CAD Design

Our CAD drafting services leverage the most recent version of Solidworks. Our expertise with numerous computer-aided design platforms enables us to create innovative designs and maintain maximum CAD software utilization. We’re a tailor-made fit for any company with goals to be the best in product development and manufacturing.

If you do not have access to a Solidworks seat, we can showcase your 3D project in a file viewer, enabling you to validate the 3D CAD design before production, along with providing PDF prints.

CAD drawings can be delivered in any format or file that is required, including:

  • XT
  • STEP
  • IGS

3D CAD Design Software

3D Scanning For CAD Design

Our design engineering firm has an in-house 3D laser scanner with the latest in 3D scanning technology. This process dramatically decreases the time required for reverse engineering as well as enabling the creation of precise models that are exact in measurement.

As a 3D scanning company, we leverage the latest laser scanning technology to digitally render your product, transforming it into a physical 3D model with incredible accuracy and clarity. We can even send a technician to your office, home, or job site for the ultimate in 3D scanning convenience.

No matter the scale of your surface, we can 3D scan it! Providing 3D modeling on projects ranging from the aerospace industry to architecture, we scan any existing surface to create a digital mesh of precise data points for highly accurate 3D CAD modeling and product design.

Paired with 3D scanning services, our CAD services help your company more easily modify, analyze, and optimize the data acquired from laser scanning and create original CAD drawing files.

lets Get your Projects into CAD

3D laser scanner


Tangent provides our clients with CAD drawings and 3D models in popular formats such as XT, STEP, IGS, SLDASM, SLDPRT. If you have a specific file type, please let our design engineers know and we will be happy to find solutions for old drawings or a unique CAD format on your next drafting project.

You will need to have CAD drafting software like Solidworks to open the drawings we send. We can also provide your drawings in PDF and other CAD file viewers that are free and easy to use. Currently, we use Solidworks 2021 for our CAD design service clients.

We allow a sensible amount of revisions during the CAD drafting process. Our engineers and drafting team will work with you closely so you’re always aware of any challenges or necessary changes along the way.

In Need Of CAD Design For Reverse Engineering?

Contact the team at Tangent Solutions today for more information or to schedule your 3D CAD design services consultation. Other services we provide include drafting, engineering, scanning, rendering, and 3D printing for end-to-end solutions on your next project.

Our clients hail from a wide range of industries spanning everything from automotive to manufacturing to aerospace. We deliver CAD development and drafting services that are second to none!