CAD Design Services

CAD Design

CAD Design Services Without Complication

Having efficient and accessible CAD files in your business does not have to be a project in itself. We offer accessibility to professional engineers who have real-world experience in design and manufacturing.

Other companies may be able to draw in a CAD software conceptually but it takes true engineering experience to know the functionality of a design. Each one of our design engineers has extensive background in machining, manufacturing, and rapid prototyping. 

File Creation

3D CAD File Creation

As a complete design engineering company, we offer the latest in 3D scanning services technology in order to make ultra-precise 3D files of your existing product. Data is reverse engineered from the scan data in order to create a fully functional, 3D CAD model.

If there is a product you would like to make modifications to, we can scan any component and modify the design based on its current structure. If you do not have a current working prototype, our team of engineers can create an original CAD design based on your specifications. 

Products Efficiently

Developing Products Efficiently

Any CAD designer can draw a part or assembly in CAD software, but it takes true engineering expertise to understand the full range of functionality needed for product design.

When hiring our team, our CAD design services can keep your costs down by working with you on a per project basis along with the ability to be on a retainer basis. Discussing your projects goals with our team involves sitting down to uncover all of your engineering needs including production, design, and functionality testing.

CAD Design Services Delivery Files

CAD drawings can be delivered in any file format including:
CAD Design


Tangent Solutions provides our clients with CAD drawings and 3D models in popular formats such as XT, STEP, IGS, SLDASM, SLDPRT. If you have a specific file type, please let our design engineers know and we will be happy to find solutions for old drawings or a unique CAD format on your next drafting project.

Our team utilizes the most recent version of Solidworks. Our expertise in this software enables us to create innovative designs and diminish billing hours. Even if you do not use Solidworks, we can create a universal CAD file that can be opened by any CAD program. 

You will need to have CAD drafting software like Solidworks to open the drawings we send. We can also provide your drawings in 2D format, created in a PDF, and other CAD file viewers that are free and easy to use. To get ahead, you can download eDrawings Viewer from the Solidworks website. 

Yes. The most precise way is to have our technicians 3D laser scan your project. From there the data collected is reverse engineered from a mesh file to make a fully functional CAD file, complete with all exact measurements; ID, OD, positioning, etc. 

We allow a sensible amount of revisions during the CAD drafting process. Our design engineers will work with you closely so you’re always aware of any challenges or necessary changes along the way. We specialize in manufacturing so our goal is to keep your designs profitable and feasible. 

This will depend on manufacturer and the CAD software or machine software they are using. We can export into a universal CAD file, XT, and it is best for you to ask your manufacturer before hand. Most will want a CAD file and not simply a mesh file.

Hiring tangent Solutions

A Complete Engineering Team

When you hire Tangent Solutions for CAD design services, you get far more than just a CAD file. We analyze the entire range of engineering considerations, including manufacturing, design, and functionality improvements when working on client CAD projects. Our team boasts 15 years of CAD drawing expertise enables us to efficiently design products that are optimized for cost-effective manufacturing.

Whether you need an original CAD design or need to efficiently modify an existing project, we are here to deliver exceptional engineering services for your business. Throughout the entire design process, our in-house engineers communicate their progress and any potential challenges they foresee along the way.

3D Laser Scanning

Pair 3D Laser Scanning With CAD Design

Our design engineering firm has an in-house 3D laser scanner with the latest in 3D scanning technology. This process dramatically decreases the time required for reverse engineering as well as enabling the creation of precise models that are exact in measurement.
Paired with 3D scanning services, our CAD services help your company more easily modify, analyze, and optimize the data acquired from laser scanning and create original CAD drawing files.
Providing 3D modeling on projects ranging from the aerospace industry to architecture, we scan any existing surface to create a digital mesh of precise data points for highly accurate 3D CAD modeling and product design.

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