3D Mobile Laser Scanning Phoenix

Accessible Technology

3D Mobile Laser Scanning Phoenix - Any Location, Any Project Size

When you need ultra-precise 3D mobile laser scanning services Phoenix, our team is able to capture large volumes of data fast and accurately, without any location or size limitations. 
Our team specializes in: 

  • CAD file creation for Manufacturing
  • Reverse Engineering Services
  • 3D Inspection Verification and Data Analysis
  • Small Object 3D Laser Scanning
  • On-site Mobile Laser Scanning

Our 3D mobile laser scanning system is completely self sufficient, only needing access to a power source, and is handheld; allowing our technicians to setup in small spaces. 

One Business Day

No matter the location, we can schedule to come to your location for on-site mobile scanning within one business day.

File Formats

Most clients will need their files reverse engineered after 3D scanning to produce CAD files; STEP, IGES, AND XT. We can also deliver mesh files, STL and OBJ.

What is 3D Laser Scanning?

3D laser scanning is the digitizing of a physical object by way of laser triangulation. Lasers record data between sall targets that are placed on and around the scan object and reflected back to the scanner. This 3D laser scanning technology is exact in metrology; detail, shape, and dimension. With a resolution of up to 0.02mm, scanning picks up even the smallest of detail or damage and visualizes it instantly in the native scanner software. 

After scanning is completed, 3D scan data is post processed, orientated, and reverse engineered in order to be made into CAD files. These files are needed for manufacturing and 3D inspection services

3D Laser Scanning Services in Your Business

With the ability to place targets anywhere, 3D mobile laser scanning Phoenix has no project or location limitations.  

Our 3D scanning services has helped multiple industries and projects including:

  • Cataloging legacy components. 
  • CAD file creation for manufacturing. 
  • 3D inspection services for insurance claims. 
  • Reverse engineering services. 
  • Product development. 
  • Conceptual, NFT marketplace files. 

Learn About the 3D Scanning Process

scan an object
3D Laser Scanning Versatility

3D scanning services has a range of uses and file delivery depends upon what your project goals are. From damage verification to creating manufacturing CAD files, each project can have tailored reports and files. 

With the ability to come to your Phoenix project location, our technicians can digitize even the largest of projects. Scan technicians need access to power but only need to be able to move around the scan project freely with our self-contained, 3D mobile laser scanning system.

Professional 3D Mobile Scanning Services

Schedule on-site 3D laser scanning today.