Mobile Laser Scanning

Technology access

On-site 3D Laser Scanning Services

One of the best features of our 3D laser scanning equipment is its ability to travel. When you require on-site scanning, our technicians can easily arrive at your location with a system that fits in the overhead compartment of an commercial plane.

Mobile laser scanning is ideal for large, stationary projects that cannot be transported or even for jobs that require the upmost care.  Our 3D scanning services use the latest in laser scanning technology to scan your product and transform into a visible, 3D model within minutes. In comparison to older systems, we have the ability to send a technician to your office, home, or job site, making us a completely mobile 3D scan service.

Have Scanner, Will Travel

Our system is self-contained and can be scheduled usually within one business day. We provide 3D laser scanning for clients throughout the United States.

Technology Access

Our 3D scanning services use the latest in laser scanning technology to scan your product and transform into a visible, 3D model within minutes that is highly precise.

Get to know more about 3D laser scanning technology and how it can work best in your industry to reach project goals. 

universal files

Data collected from 3D mobile laser scanning services can be reverse engineered and manipulated in CAD software such as Solidworks. We can provide you with any file type you need including but not limited to STL, STEP, IGES, OBJ, and XT.

Blue Light Laser Technology

Our blue light scanner equipment transforms real-world objects into a digital design file through laser triangulation, producing accurate digital mapping. Laser scanners send out a grid of multiple laser beams that reflect off of targets and travel back to a high-resolution laser camera, creating a precise data point cloud within native software.

The 3D laser scanning equipment we use is exact in metrology, producing 3D scan data that can be later reverse engineered to create exact measurements within any CAD softare. Our 3D laser scanner resolution is up to 0.02mm, giving you unmatched resolution and depth of detail.

We've Served

  • Aerospace
  • Advertising
  • Automotive Interiors
  • Amphibious Devices
  • Architecture
  • Automotive Wraps
  • Consumer Products
  • Digital Assets
  • Ecommerce
  • Farm Equipment
  • Injection Molding
  • Motorsports
  • Manufacturing
  • Museum Exhibits
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3D Laser Scanning Services For Your Business

Mobile laser scanning makes CAD analysis, data inspection, manufacturing, and product development efficiently faster. When your business relies on quality and precision, you need the pinpoint accuracy of our mobile 3D laser scanning services

How Mobile Laser Scanning Will Improve
Your Product Development Process

By reverse engineering the data created during the 3D laser scanning, we are able to create high-resolution models that are precise in dimension and volumetric accuracy. This includes ID, OD, and many other data points of physical objects in CAD before they hit the production line.

Data Isolation

Post-processing a 3D scan file isolates the most crucial data required for your design and development project, freeing up space while preserving the accuracy of the 3D scanning point cloud.


We optimize your the scan data created in mobile laser scanning to improve the efficiency of CAD design and development for faster time to production by enabling product concepting using high-resolution models—perfect for a wide variety of industries and use cases.

File Compression

Large scans create large file sizes due to the high volume of data and precise resolutions involved. Compressing files reduces their size, easing software demands and boosting performance while maintaining the critical features of the 3D scan with impeccable accuracy.

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