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3D Mobile Laser Scanning Las Vegas for Precise Data

3D mobile laser scanning services Las Vegas captures large volumes of data fast and accurately, allowing your business to make design and manufacturing decisions quickly, bringing your products to market faster. 

Blue light laser scanning is cutting-edge technology for 3D mobile scanning services Las Vegas. The portability of our handheld laser scanning system  allows our skilled design engineers to generate high-resolution and fully functional 3D models of objects from any angle or reference point; no matter the project size. After the scanning process, we further polish inconsistencies in texture, shape, and measurement during post-processing.

Our 3D mobile laser scanning system is completely self sufficient, only needing access to a power source, and is handheld; allowing our technicians to setup in small spaces. 

File Formats

3D scan data is first created into mesh files; OBJ and STL. From there data can be reverse engineered to create fully-functional 3D CAD models; STEP, IGES, and XT.

One Business Day

Scheduling 3D mobile laser scanning Las Vegas is simply done by contacting our team. We can schedule service with as little time as one business day.

What Are 3D Mobile Laser Scanning Services and How Does It Work?

3D mobile laser scanning is used to make accurate and improved reproductions of real-life objects. Projects are prepared with small targets to allow the lasers transmitting from the handheld scanner, to be reflected back to unit. The lasers record the series of curvatures, detail, and shapes into mesh data, instantly on screen. 

Our mobile scanners use blue light technology and laser triangulation to turn real objects into digital designs. The results are accurate digital replicas and map-outs with resolutions of up to 0.02mm—an unmatched depth of detail. They are exact in metrology, which means they generate a visual mesh that can then be reverse engineered into a CAD models. CAD models are fully optimized; they can be modified, cycled, and produce manufacturing processes in any CAD software. 

types of 3d scanners

There are no size limitations as we can place the targets over any space with leaving a reside. Our technicians also have various settings to keep file sizes small, without compromising detial. 3D mobile laser scanning is a crucial process for manufacturing and engineering. 

High precision mobile 3D laser scanning is used in the following industrial scenarios:

  • Retrofitting parts of large machinery
  • Cataloging legacy parts
  • Creating visual effects for films
  • Documenting damage for insurance claims
  • Creating prototypes of existing products for improvement


The 3D Scanning Process

3D Laser Scanning Technology

Blue light laser scanners send out targeted grids of laser beams that reflect off on subjects. The lasers then travel back to the scanner and record digitally and instantly on screen in the scanners native software. Depending upon the size and amount of projects required to be scanned, the entire process can be done within a few hours and mesh files can be delivered shortly after.

Concerned about file size? Our design engineers have several settings to scan at higher resolution without compromising detail. This produces files that are workable and easier to post process.  

Wherever you are located in Las Vegas, our scan technicians can arrive at your project’s location and set up with minimal requirements. We serve clients both domestically and internationally.

Our 3D mobile laser scanning service can instantly digitize cars, airplanes, consumer products, gas and oil structures, to name a few of the projects completed.

We've Served

  • Aerospace
  • Advertising
  • Automotive Interiors
  • Amphibious Devices
  • Architecture
  • Automotive Wraps
  • Consumer Products
  • Digital Assets
  • Ecommerce
  • Farm Equipment
  • Injection Molding
  • Motorsports
  • Manufacturing
  • Museum Exhibits

Professional 3D Mobile Scanning Services

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