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How Does 3D Mobile Laser Scanning Work?

Mobile Laser Scanning is a new type of 3D scanning technology that quickly and efficiently captures accurate and high-resolution three-dimensional data and imagery of roadways, municipal infrastructures, transmission lines, and transportation corridors, including highway and railway assets. While there are many that claim to offer 3D mobile laser scanning services, Orange County has none quite like Tangent Solutions.

We are one of a few engineering businesses in Orange County with mobile vehicle-mounted, dual-laser, 3D laser scanning equipment and the only forensic engineering firm in Orange County. Our Mobile Laser Scanning System is installed atop our work truck and can capture high-resolution imagery and accurate three-dimensional data while the vehicle is in motion.

Our mobile laser scanning system’s high data capture rate allows us to 3D digitize highways, interstates, and busy thoroughfares while driving alongside traffic at highway speeds, and without the need for road closures or traffic management.

At Tangent Solutions, we can assist you with everything from basic scanning services, such as a major highway across a metropolitan region for accident reconstruction, documenting corridors, supplement surveys, as-builts, and asset management.

To discuss your project’s custom-tailored services and deliverables with one of our 3D mobile laser scanning services experts, contact us at Tangent Solutions today.

How Tangent Solutions Can Help

Tangent Solutions is a 3D laser scanning services company that also specializes in the design and engineering services that helps companies across a variety of sectors get their products to market faster, and with less overhead using high-precision scanners.

We combine the latest in 3D laser scanning technology with our 15 years of computer-aided design (CAD) knowledge and help you bring your ideas to life as the nation’s best reverse engineering and 3D scanning company.

We have efficient workflows to handle and map the data and meet the specific requirements for a project because mobile laser scanning creates a vast volume of geographic data.

Tangent Solutions is a leading provider of these solutions and uses cutting-edge technology and skills to deliver extremely precise virtual information and models to clients. Our procedures generate 3D scanning models that are accessible and helpful for coordination among project stakeholders, allowing them to test and evaluate design concepts safely and quickly without having to be on site.

Our specialists use laser scanners to collect a cloud of 3D scanning data points that form a wire mesh visual representation that can be rendered later in CAD software to get exact dimensions. Our 3D laser scanning services and technology collect millions of points every second to form a dense, accurate collection of individual measurements known as a point cloud.

The data from your 3D laser scanning services can be given in raw mesh file, clean mesh format, or fully rendered for use in CAD applications. We can also offer any design file type you require, including:

  • Stereolithography (STL)
  • Initial Graphics Exchange Specification (IGES)
  • Parasolid Model Part file (X_T)
  • Standard for the Exchange of Product Data (STEP)
  • Drawing Exchange Format (DXF)
  • SolidWorks Part file (SLDPRT)
  • Geometry Definition File Format (OBJ)

3D models are an excellent approach to showcase innovative product concepts before they go to market. Rendering is required to extract the main features and metrics needed to produce quality results and rapid prototyping while testing or modifying 3D scanning data with CAD software.

Because of the high file type required in rendering 3D on a desktop, designers might take a long time to render 3D scanning data. Rendering, on the other hand, produces extraordinarily smooth, highly accurate, and fine details. This is especially important in areas like medical devices manufacturing, where rapid prototyping can be expensive for most companies to afford.

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Every time, our professionals give unrivaled service to our customers. We provide a comprehensive set of 3D services including drafting, engineering, rendering, and 3D printing—to provide a complete end-to-end solution for any design difficulty.

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