Premium Quality 3D Scanner Reverse Engineering Los Angeles

3D Scanner Reverse Engineering Los Angeles

There are times when you need to make improvements to an original design, when you need more design documentation, or when you need computer-aided design (CAD) data in various output files for current production methods. As such, you need CAD data from companies that provide 3D scanner reverse engineering services Los Angeles.

At Tangent Solutions, not only are we incredibly adept at 3D scanning, but we also know CAD design like the back of our hands. Our 3D scans can generate CAD data with the highest accuracy, so we can create your 3D rendering with the most incredible detail.

These, along with our vast experience from working with businesses in various industries, allow us to capture the data you need and reverse engineer rendered CAD models for the purpose you have in mind.

Understanding 3D Scanner Reverse Engineering

3D Scanner Reverse Engineering is the process of reverse engineering a 3D scanned CAD model of an existing object and detailed toleranced drawings from its actual parts and assemblies.

Using coordinate measuring machines (CMMs), laser scanners, structured light digitizers, and computed tomography, a physical object is scanned and measured. The data captured is rendered into highly accurate 3D point cloud data which is rendered into a CAD model representing the original object.

The result is CAD data that is highly manipulable using CAD software. Such data can be used for troubleshooting, replicating, studying, analyzing, inspecting, products and objects as well as for future applications.

For businesses, this can help with modifying products, generating product prototypes, and building new parts or legacy parts. It also helps with streamlining quality control in production and manufacturing firms as manipulating a CAD model captured from a 3D scanner makes quick turnaround possible.

Additionally, surface models made from 3D scanning reverse engineering can be used to create or modify tools and dies. For businesses that rely heavily on design tools or die designs, 3D scanner reverse engineering offers immense convenience when it comes to the speedy replacement of highly tuned stamping or injection molds.

Finding 3D Scanner Reverse Engineering Services in Los Angeles

As more and more industries turn towards 3D printing technology, more and more service providers also offer 3D scanning services. However, very few companies know the end-to-end process of 3D scanning and CAD design enough to offer comprehensive 3D scanner reverse engineering services Los Angeles.

The raw data generated by 3D scans come in the form of a point cloud. Such data lack topological information and will need expert processing, analysis, and modeling to take a more usable format.

More than technical skill, this is an art form that requires the work of expert 3D CAD designers and engineers with vast experience helping out projects in various industries.

You will need the help of 3D scanning technicians, CAD designers, and CAD engineers with practical experience and are experts at CAD modeling for effective 3D scanner reverse engineering services. Los Angeles businesses can always rely on Tangent Solutions to deliver accurate and high-quality end results.

Choosing Tangent Solutions

Tangent Solutions is an expert in 3D technology. We provide 3D scanning, rendering, designing, and most notably, reverse engineering services in Los Angeles to help businesses create or improve their products.

We have over 15 years of experience serving clients and working on projects with varying complexity. For many years, we helped numerous businesses from various industries by prioritizing accuracy above all else and by being problem solvers who help empower our clients and their businesses.

Hiring Tangent Solutions

At Tangent solutions, we are experts at 3D scanning reverse engineering. With our technology, team of expert designers and engineers, and vast experience in 3D scanning, our company is ready to tackle whatever reverse engineering task you may throw at us, no matter the complexity.

We’re the one-stop-shop for all your product design, development, and production needs! Offering you the most cutting-edge scanning technology for the most precise data gathering in the market, we give you the advantage your business needs to get ahead today.

Reach out to one of our specialists and learn more about how we can help you with your project. Contact us at Tangent Solutions today.