3D Printing Services

Rapid Prototyping from 3D Printing

3d printing services

When you are ready to hold your project in your hands, Tangent Solutions’ 3D printing services can print your design within hours.

We stock professional-grade 3D printing filament to fulfill the characteristics of your design. 3D printing services print time can depend upon the quality that you need but we discuss the most cost effective results of your project before going to the 3D printer.

CAD design files are required to put through the 3D printing software, for example STL, but our CAD engineers can aid in creating STL files through CAD design services or 3D scanning services. From there design files will be put through our splicing program that will tell us exact printing time and material cost.

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Why Use 3D Printing Services?

Lower R&D Costs

One-off productions are expensive. 3D printing services provides a cost effective way to see your project before manufacturing.

Fast Print Times

Files are uploaded, printer is prepped, and we simply hit print! We can have your prototype design in your hands in just a couple of hours.

Validate Design Quality

Check the fit and feel of your design in its application that it was created for. Prints are to scale and the quality is perfect for mock ups.

Display Your Prototype

Customers love 3D printing! Taking a sample of your design for clients to touch and feel can turbocharge the success of a project!

3D Printing
Filament Options

We stock a variety of filament options to deliver the choose from for your 3D printing project. Each 3D print filament is has its own characteristics in durability, texture, and viability.

Some prints require more inlay than others. 3D printing inlay is the interior portion of the print that gives the product its strength. The more inlay, the more 3D print time. If you need just visual prototype, we have filament options that wont require much time on the 3D printer. Some 3D prints resemble the strength of injection molding or traditional manufacturing based on the interior strength.

Our 3D printer can include any kind of filament. Here are filaments we keep in stock:

  • PLA
  • PETG
  • TPU
  • Carbon Fiber Nylon
3D printing services

See Your Project Into Reality With 3D Printing

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