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Accurate 3D Laser Scanning In California

We are your ultimate resource for 3D scanning services California. With a team of design engineers, we utilize 3D laser scanning technology to digitize any project faster than original reverse engineering methods. 3D scan data is vital for product development, CAD file creation, rapid prototyping, and 3D inspection services.  Blue light laser technology captures the smallest of details and is self-contained, making it an accessible tool for on-site mobile laser scanning service

Our scanning technology has no project or size limitations. By way of the triangulation method, scan data is collected by a series of targets and processing data returned back to the laser. Data filled in between detects the smallest variations. 

Our team specializes in: 

  • Reverse Engineering 
  • 3D Inspection Services and Data Analysis
  • Small Object 3D Scanning
  • Large Scale Mobile Laser Scanning
  • Product Development

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How to Use 3D Laser Scanning in Your Project

CAD Files

Reverse Engineering

3D laser scanning digitizes physical objects with even the most complex geometries into ultra-acccurate 3D models.

Lose the calipers. The most accurate and efficient method to create CAD files is by 3D laser scanning. Reverse engineering uses 3D scan data to record dimensions, inconsistencies, and any shape in order to create a para solid. 

Files are delivered in STEP, IGES, XT, or other file formats. This process is vital for those looking to use their data for product development and manufacturing. 

Verify Quality With 3D Inspection Services

data analysis

3D Inspection Services

Providing 3D scanning services California with the newest method of data verification.

The data collected from 3D laser scanning will visualize dimension, damage, and inconsistencies that the human vision cannot see. Discrepancies can be shown immediately and compared to existing CAD files in order to create a quality control report.  Our technicians can deliver report in heat mapping photos and provide FAIs.  

Hiring our services also allows the opportunity to have a third-party quality control program for your company. 

Product Development

Delivering Data Specific for Mass Production

Our entire team originates from manufacturing. Wether it be laser cutting, machining, or injection molding, we specialize in problem solving on how your product can be produced efficiently.  

Many CAD designers can produce a 3D model, theoretically. However it takes real-world experience to understand the processes required to produce a product. 3D laser scanning has raised our accuracy in turning any prototype into useable 3D data. 


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