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Wether you have a simple or complex project, you need the accuracy of 3D laser scanning. 3D scanning services Phoenix gives your business access to the latest in 3D scanning technology to digitize your products, accurately and fast. 

Our team has the ability to 3D scan your project in order to create CAD models, reverse engineer your project, or provide data analysis report, elevating your projects quality. With precision of up to 0.02mm, the precision and quality of your product is unmatched. 

Schedule your 3D scanning services Phoenix appointment with as little of notice as one business day. Our team can scan your project in our office by simply shipping in your project or we can send a technician to your location for 3D mobile laser scanning service; perfect for projects of larger size or remote location.  

Our Team Specializes In

Reverse Engineering
3D Inspection Services
Data Analysis
Small Object 3D Scanning
3D Mobile Laser Scanning
Product Development

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Fast And Accurate Solution For Digitizing Parts

Reverse Engineering

3D laser scanning speeds up the reverse engineering process, ten-fold. Blue light laser technology produces scan data to create ultra-precise 3D models, recording even the smallest of details. With complexities being displayed down to the thousandth of a millimeter, our 3D models are of the highest quality. 

Once 3D scanning services are completed, the reverse engineering process is completed by our in-house design engineers. Scan data is used as a guideline to draw parasolids with all detail included during the scan to CAD conversion. 

After 3D scanning services Phoenix is completed, all scan data is post processed, and depending upon your your project goals, delivers in CAD file format including STEP, IGES, and XT.

You can find a sample folder of our most common deliverables HERE

3D Inspection Services

3D scanning services Phoenix is not only for CAD file creation. Scan data can be used to verify quality of your project and record vital data points. 

If you have existing CAD files, scan data of a project can be compared against originals in order to visualize discrepancies. 3D inspection services are also a great way to allow us to become your third party vendor, creating a report in comparison to FAIs that is easy to comprehend. 

Mobile 3D Laser Scanning

3D Laser Scanning for
Any Size Project

The 3D laser scanning platform our team uses is handheld and travels well. Fitting in a small, carry-on size box, our technicians can be sent out to any location to 3D laser scan; all we need is access to power. 

No matter the 3D scanning services Phoenix location or project size, scan area is determined by the use of small, 6 millimeter targets that are placed throughout the project. These targets leave no reside and are what allows the scanner to record such high detail. 

We are experts in 3D mobile scanning services, completing large projects such as airplanes, transit buses, wind turbines, and more. 

Working with Tangent Solutions

Our company presents the opportunity to hire an on-demand engineering service, without the hefty investment. 

Teaming up with us allows your business access to the latest in 3D laser scanning technology and have 3D files created in days, in comparison to weeks of R&D. 

Our services are available on a monthly retainer or project-by-project. We are here to collaborate on what works best for your project goals. 

A Team of Design Engineers

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Our scan technicians are able to schedule your 3D laser scan within as little time as one business day. Let's discuss your project.