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Structured light data from 3D scanning services use a scanner for geometry acquisition by attaching markers to objects in the physical world. This data can be transformed from the raw mesh visualization into a fully functional digital 3D model. A 3D rendering can be edited, moved, and manipulated in CAD software or showcased for conceptual purposes with stunning accuracy. Before the post-processing data from a 3D scan, the mesh that you see is a collection of data gathered through triangulation of data points scanned through a blue light laser scanner that each relates to targets in the physical world. Each point combines to create a mesh that illustrates a concept of the object, but this mesh cannot be manipulated. The 3D rendering process transforms this structured light data into a completely functional digital form that can be virtually cycled, flexed, and rotated. Rendering is not mandatory but is essential to collect precise data points such as ID, OD, and other measurements, which is especially useful for product design using CAD software in conjunction with 3D printing for a real-world product concept.

3D Rendering For Accurate 3D Models

Post-processing your data enhances functionality and empowers your team to start working on the designs you need most.


Rendering your scan data produces high-resolution modeling for precise dimensions and volumetric accuracy. ID, OD, and many other surface data points can be precisely measured as physical objects before they're made. This is especially useful for large-sized objects or tiny parts that are more costly to produce for testing.


We optimize your rendering for efficient CAD design and manipulation for greater speed of production. Holes and inconsistencies throughout the scanning area are filled in with precision, producing high-resolution models for a wide range of industries and company use cases.


Post-processing a 3D scan file isolates the important data you need for your project to free up space and provide greater accuracy.


Compression File sizes from 3D scanning can swell to huge proportions based on the amount of data and resolution. Compression reduces file sizes, improving hardware and software performance while keeping the critical features of the capture rendering intact and accurate.

Industries For 3D Scanning Services

How Do We Clean Up Your Models?

When our technicians use our handheld 3D scanners to capture your project at your site, the blue light laser picks up everything in the environment around it.

Basic digital clean-up of the data capture is always included in 3D scanning services, but to be able to completely optimize your model, rendering is the essential element for perfecting your project.

In post-processing, inconsistencies can be smoothed and holes filled in to provide your team with a crisp, cleanly rendered file that can be used for precise measurements.

Do I Need 3D Rendering?

This depends upon your goals for your data! Some of our clients use a 3D mesh for strictly conceptual ideas to show off to their customers or investors, free of most detail.

A 3D model is a great way to show off a new product before it comes to market. If this is your primary objective for your 3D scan data, then a mesh file is perfect for most users.

For those who are looking to optimize or manipulate their 3D scan data using CAD technology, then rendering is absolutely necessary to extract the important elements and measurements needed to obtain quality feedback.

Rendering 3D scan data is usually the most time-consuming process for our designers because of the large file sizes involved with desktop 3D rendering. However, this process delivers exceptionally smooth, high accuracy, and great details. This is especially useful in the medical field, where prototypes can be prohibitively costly to produce.

Can I Process My Own 3D Rendering?

Of course! We can provide the STL or OBJ files from our 3D scanning services, and it’s ready for you to render. There is also the possibility to release raw mesh data, but you must have rendering software that will allow you to work with the mesh file. Examples are Geomagic Design X or Fusion 360. If you have us render your data, we use VXElements, software that is native to our 3D laser scanner.

Benefits Of Model Rendering

What Are The Benefits Of Model Rendering?

Using 3D product scanning in combination with model rendering is unbeatable for reverse-engineering and redesigning existing products.

You can create fully functioning 3D models by rendering your 3D point cloud data. This 3D rendering can then be added to, updated, and changed using CAD tools to see how they might perform.

A 3D model is a great way to show off a new product before it comes to market. If this is your plan for your scan, then a mesh file is perfect.

Rendering data from 3D scanners can be a time-consuming process, but it will deliver the smoothest, most detailed model available.

When you want to see your design project in real life, Tangent Solutions’ 3D printing services can 3D-print your design within hours using your rendered scanner file.

We use professional-grade 3D printer filament to form our physical models with stunning detail.

3D printing times vary depending on the quality required, but we will help you find the most efficient solution for your project before we start the 3D printing process.

Render Into Reality

Render Into Reality With 3D Printing

Reverse Engineering

Get 3D Product Scanning For Reverse Engineering

Contact the team at Tangent Solutions today to learn more or to schedule a 3D product scanning at your Southern California location. Tangent also provides drafting, engineering, rendering, and 3D printing services for a total end-to-end solution for your next design project.

Our clients span a variety of industries, including everything from automotive to manufacturing to aerospace. We provide 3D scanning of large objects and tiny parts too.

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