3D Scanning Services Irvine

When Precision and Accuracy Matter

When your project requires ultra-precise accuracy and detail, Tangent Solutions is your resource for 3D Scanning Services Irvine. Our 3D scanning services provide you access with the latest in 3D scan technology, paired with the expertise of a design engineering team that specializes in real-world applications. 

With the ability to have your project scanned within one business day, our team provides the platform of in-house scanning or mobile 3D laser scanning services, for those projects large and remote. 

With the ability to team with us as your 3D scanning service provider, you have access to the most precise 3D laser scanning technology on the market, without the heavy investment.

We provide 3D scanning services Irvine with accuracy of 0.02mm and can reverse engineer your project along with consult your business on product development methods that emphasize efficient design.  

Our Team Specializes In

Reverse Engineering
3D Inspection Services
Data Analysis
Small Object 3D Scanning
3D Mobile Laser Scanning
Product Development

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The Benefits of 3D Scanning Services Irvine

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering when paired with 3D laser scanning involves the drawing of a part in CAD software, based on scan data. The scan data produced in 3D scanning services in exact in measurement, down to the thousandth of a millimeter. This allows our team to create CAD files that ultra-precise, with no detail missing during the scan to CAD conversion. 

3D scan data is created, post processed which includes cleaning up and creating various features, and then redrawn into CAD files; STEP, IGES, and XT are the common exports. 

3D Inspection Services

The 3D laser scanning technology our team relies on has the capability to visualize discrepancies in a project when compared to original CAD models. 

By providing your CAD files, our design engineers will compare data and export in a variety of reports include color mapping, data reports, and more. We can prepare this data in a report that is easy to analyze. This is a great solution for third party quality control, read our report on the benefits of 3D scanning for quality control. 

Mobile 3D Laser Scanning

3D Laser Scanning for
Any Size Project

With the 3D laser scanning platform we use, there are no project size limitations. Our 3D scanning platform fits in a small carry on, making it perfect for projects both local and out of state. 

Our team is able to come to your location, job site, no matter how remote or large. By way of laser triangulation, the 3D scanning area is determined by small 6 millimeter targets that are placed through the projects entirety. As long as we can place targets, we can scan it. 

The list of large projects completed by Tangent Solutions includes fuselage of an airplane, shuttle buses, competition boats, and entire shops filled with performance vehicles. 

Working with Tangent Solutions

As a business owner, you know the costs of keeping up with the latest engineering technology. This may be a small portion of your business but it is costly. 

We offer the ability not only to provide 3D scanning services Irvine, but also to become your on-call engineering team. This eliminates the cost of hiring engineers as we can work on a per project basis or even on monthly retainers. 

A Team of Design Engineers

Schedule Your 3D Scanning Services

Our scan technicians are able to schedule your 3D laser scan within as little time as one business day. Let's discuss your project.