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3D Mobile Laser Scanning Services Anaheim

If you’re scanning broken jewelry or parts of a product, you can simply ship it to any company that offers 3D scanning services in Anaheim. But if you need to scan infrastructure, roadways, or landscapes, you want to find the best 3D mobile laser scanning services Anaheim has to offer.

What is 3D Mobile Laser Scanning?

3D Mobile Laser Scanning is a type of 3D scanning technology that allows for 3D scanning to happen anywhere. This makes replication of large real-life objects into highly accurate virtual 3D representations not only possible, but also quick, efficient, and incredibly reliable.

Such improvement in 3D scanning technology is most popularly used for scanning roadways, buildings and infrastructures, transmission lines, roads and highways, and so on. As these fixtures cannot be transported, the only way is to bring the 3D scanning to their locations.

With the development of 100% mobile 3D scanners, laser scanners are brought to the site, allowing for accurate data to be captured quickly so that a digitized and manipulable 3D mesh model of highways, interstates, and fixtures can be generated.

How Tangent Solutions Can Help?

Many companies in Anaheim and across the United States claim to offer 3D mobile laser scanning services, but only a few companies like Tangent Solutions have mobile vehicle-mounted, dual-laser, 3D scanning equipment.

Not to mention, we’re the only forensic engineering firm in Anaheim.

Our mobile laser scanning system has a high data capture rate, so we can mount our mobile laser scanning system atop a work truck and can capture high-resolution imagery and gather precise data in point clouds, all while the truck is moving.

At Tangent Solutions, we use the most advanced 3D scanning technology, so we can help you, whether your scanning needs are simple or complex. 

Simply operating high-precision laser scanners does not guarantee useful scan data that can empower your team to succeed in your project.

At Tangent Solutions, our experience scanning major highways and various infrastructures to help with accident reconstruction, asset documentation, and management.

Our design and engineering expertise, allow us to help you achieve your goals, whether that is rapid prototyping, reverse engineering, or data collection to aid in a manufacturing process or construction project.

Our team of experienced engineers custom-tailor our services and deliverables to help you cost-effectively achieve your goal.

Some 3D scanners can only capture data in picture file formats. But at Tangent Solutions, we tailor our services to the needs of the customers and produce custom deliverables in the format of your choice to best aid your project. We provide scan data in raw mesh file, clean mesh format, or fully rendered for use in your CAD software. We can also offer any design file type for you, including:

  • Stereolithography (STL)
  • Initial Graphics Exchange Specification (IGES)
  • Parasolid Model Part file (X_T)
  • Standard for the Exchange of Product Data (STEP)
  • Drawing Exchange Format (DXF)
  • SolidWorks Part file (SLDPRT)
  • Geometry definition file format (OBJ)

Hire 3D Mobile Laser Scanning Services in Anaheim

Whether you need to reverse engineer an object or you need data points that are accurate as-built documentation, you want to work with the leading provider of 3D mobile laser scanning services in Anaheim.

Trust Tangent Solutions to capture millions of data point clouds to give you only the most precise measurements through our 3D laser scanning services. We’ll even deliver the scan data in your chosen file formats or in CAD models rendered specifically according to your needs by our experienced team.

We are used to helping out projects in various industries. Our customers range from those who need reverse engineering or rapid prototyping of products, all the way to those who need accurate data as-built conditions for built documentation or construction.

We transform an otherwise time-consuming process into a swift, convenient, and cost-effective project. To get a free quote, contact us at Tangent Solutions today.