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Access to the latest in 3D laser scanning technology with unmatched accuracy.

At Tangent Solutions, we supply our expertise in manufacturing, design, and detail.
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From ultra-precise 3D laser scanning, high-quality prototyping, and production ready CAD designs, our 3D scanning company has all of your engineering needs covered.

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Who We Are

Tangent Solutions is a mobile 3D laser scanning, design, and engineering service that helps companies in a wide range of industries get products to market faster, more precisely, and with less overhead required.

Precision and Accuracy in Design

As the premiere reverse engineering and 3D scanning company, we leverage the latest in 3D laser scanning technology with ultra-precise designs that prioritize profitable and efficient products.

What Clients Say About Our Services

I came across Tangent when searching for a company near us that specializes in 3D scanning. Responsive and the end product we received back was of high quality and delivered in a short time frame. I will use them again for upcoming projects that require 3D scanning and reverse engineering.
Lee Davis
Mikron Aerospace
Provided 3D scans for Aerospace casting straightening operations - As advertised - Tangent provided best fit heat maps that align with our customers scans. Excellent support and prompt response. I have used this service several times in the last year. Tangent is my first call for scanning services.
Pierre Vaillancourt
ADC Aerospace
Tangent Solutions have been stellar with their service and communication. They were presented with a unique challenge that many other firms could not accomplish. They not only delivered the results but so in a short time. I am completely satisfied with their work and ongoing collaboration.
Elon Accessories
Your Challenges Are Our Solutions
Efficient Designs

With a team of design engineers that specialize in manufacturing, not only can we develop designs quickly, we consider the production time and profitability of your project.

Unmatched Accuracy

Our high-precision 3D laser scanners have a resolution of up to 0.02mm. This type of accuracy provided by laser scanning is ultra-fast, reliable, and there is no project too large or too small.

Same-day Service

Most projects can be scanned the day it arrives at our shop. 3D scan data can be delivered to your engineers and CAD designers in STL or OBJ in just one business day.

Rapid Prototyping

You’ll be able to analyze parts for manufacturing, validate fitment, and your project in reality. 3D printing is the fastest prototyping available and we specialize in rapid prototyping.

Reverse Engineer

Reverse engineering scan data transforms it into fully functional CAD models. Precision scans create efficient 3D models. The process is essential to collect precise data, ID, OD, and other measurements.

File Formatting

CAD data in the formats or file types you need. Common files we can deliver but not limited to include: XT, STEP, IGES, SLDPRT, SLDASM along with mesh files STL and OBJ.

Affordable Projects

Hiring in-house engineers is expensive. Our engineering expertise keeps your costs down by working with you on project-by-project or retainer basis.

Data Analysis

We can take your existing CAD model and compare it to scan data in order to find discrepancies for quality control, insurance, and other dimensional analysis reports.

Got A Design Idea?

Our Team Assists You In Every Step Of Production

From scanning existing projects, creating 3D models from concept, to sourcing a manufacturer, we can assist in each production step. 


3D Scanner Experience

Our 3D scanning services utilize the latest in laser scanning equipment to scan your product and transform it into a physical 3D model with remarkable accuracy. Adding convenience, we can send a technician to your office, home, or job site, for a completely mobile 3D scan service.


Design Into 3D Models

Whether you need us to create an original CAD design or modify an existing, we can do it. We start by uncovering the full range of your engineering needs, including production, design, and functionality testing. Our CAD design engineers specialize in making efficient and profitable designs.


Manufacturing For Purpose

With a network of machine, laser cutting, injection molding, fiberglass, and other manufacturing professionals, we can create working prototypes to see your project in reality while also assisting getting it into production. Our in-house 3D printing capabilities also put working prototypes faster than traditional methods.

Mobile Laser Scanning

Our 3D scanning services utilize the latest in laser scanning equipment to scan your product and transform it into a physical 3D model with remarkable accuracy. Adding convenience, our system is completely mobile and fits in the overhead compartment. We can send a technician to your office or job site, for a completely mobile 3D scan service. There is no project size limitations.

Functional 3D Models

The data created from 3D scanning services can be used to generate functional, 3D CAD models. With a resolution of up to 0.02mm, scan data is used to draw 3D models with unmatched dimension precision. CAD models can be delivered in file formats STEP, IGES, XT, or other requirements.

The Design Process

Scan to CAD

For most projects, our team will 3D laser scan your project which requires us to position, target, calibrate, and scan. From there the scan data is cleaned up in the native software of un-needed data, as the lasers record everything they see, orientated on an XYZ plane, and converted to a mesh file, commonly STL.

From there, scan data that is for mesh-only files are delivered. If your project is being converted into a CAD file, the reverse engineering process begins by redrawing the components utilizing planes, surfaces, and dimensions in the scan data. Our design engineers work in various softwares to create STEP, XT, IGES files and then can manipulate these files in accordance to your project goals

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