3D Laser Scanning for Boats

3D Laser Scanning -
For Any Maritime Engineering Project

3D laser scanning is the ideal tool for large projects such as boats, yachts, and other maritime vessels. 3D scan data is used for reverse engineering applications in order to create CAD files that can be used for manufacturing and data analysis. Conventional methods are both time consuming and expensive but with 3D laser scanning, there is limited downtime. 

Data delivered is ultra-precise and capable of processing complicated surfaces, no matter the project size. 

3D Laser Scanning for Boats, Yachts, and All Maritime Vessels

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performance boat 3D Scan

FOR Assembly and Production Goals

For this 3D scanning services project, our team arrived on-site to perform a mobile scan on a 27 foot performance boat. Our scan technician discussed the project with the client before arriving and was able to prepare the entire hull with positioning targets; 6mm adhesive stickers that reflect the laser back to the scanner in order to record data.

The client’s goals were to create the inner structure and mounting holes for accessories in CAD software in order to move away away from their by-hand, traditional methods. This cut their production time in half and guaranteed repeatable results. 


From 3D Scan to Fully functional CAD Models

After 3D laser scanning is completed, our design engineers created CAD files for the client to build off of. Scan data was super imposed over the final CAD file to compare and show the accuracy of the data

From there renderings were generated for conceptual purposes. 

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