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3D Scanning Services Irvine

How 3D Scanning Works

3D scanning is the process of using a 3D blue light scanner to capture measurements of a physical object without contact or damage. The data captured comes in point cloud format, and with laser triangulation technology, these incredibly accurate data can be used to render almost exact virtual replicas of the scanned object.

Because 3D laser scanning uses blue light to capture data, it is capable of measuring even the most complex geometries and most intricate details in just a matter of seconds.

Not to mention, the scan data can be delivered in many file formats, so they are compatible with most CAD software and can be used for CAD modeling. CAD data are highly manipulable and allows designers and engineers to reverse engineer, modify, and pick apart the rendered virtual mesh model of the scanned object.

Benefits of 3D Scanning Services

Because 3D scanning is non-invasive, non-destructive, and capable of measuring any physical object be it big or small, simple or complex, it has quickly become a popular method of taking measurements.

Not only does 3D scanning speed up the measurement process, it also improves product analysis, product development, prototyping, and manufacturing.

For businesses, this means lower cost of production and quicker production time. Companies spend less money and time prototyping. They are also faster to mass produce and deliver their products.

These are especially helpful for automotive, architecture, construction, and engineering companies as this means they can more easily test designs of infrastructure, fixtures, and vehicles. For these industries that usually take years and a lot of money to finish their projects, 3D scanning services dramatically reduces their expenses and shortens their project schedules, for a faster turnaround time and return on investment.

Tangent Solutions 3D Scanning Services in Irvine

As 3D scanning becomes more popular, 3D scanners and services are also becoming more readily available. But depending on your need and the objectives of your project, purchasing affordable 3D scanners or working with affordable 3D scanning services may not give you what you need.

Some 3D scanners only produce data in image formats. Meanwhile, though a high-end equipment may be able to give you highly accurate data, but without knowing how to render data into the correct file format and manipulating the cad data to best suit your goal, you may spend unnecessary time doing trial and error.

At Tangent Solutions, we deliver your cad data in whatever file format you choose. We also have vast experience helping companies from various industries succeed in a wide variety of projects. Our team consists of experienced technicians, designers, and engineers who know what it takes to support your team.

More than delivering highly accurate data, we provide solutions to our customers. Whether it is to create the product of your dreams or improve your production process, Tangent Solutions can help you or your company achieve your goal.

Tangent Solutions uses only the most advanced equipment to deliver the most accurate 3D laser scan data. Whatever the size of your object, we can scan it. We also offer 100% mobile 3D laser scanning services, so we can go to your site to do 3D laser scanning if you cannot send the object to us.

Additionally, we also offer cad designing, 3D printing, and reverse engineering services, so we’re a one-stop shop for all your projects’ needs. We help businesses with product development, rapid prototyping, legacy parts development, and product documentation and archiving.

Contact Tangent Solutions today to learn more about how our team can support your project, or request a free quote today!