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High-Resolution 3D Scanning Services Los Angeles

Gone are the days when product design and reverse engineering are done with a pair of calipers. With the creation of 3D laser scanning technology, any business can have their project, big or small, 3D scanned to create CAD files, analyze crucial data, or manufacture. When you require the best in 3D scanning services, Tangent Solutions is your solution. 

To perform 3D laser scanning, you can choose to invest in a 3D scanner, which costs a lot and not to mention requires expertise to operate. A better solution is to seek a service provider like Tangent Solutions. Our team offers expert CAD design and the most precise, 3D scanning services Los Angeles has to offer.

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At Tangent Solutions, we employ a team who are experts in 3D laser scanning. Learn more about 3D scanning services Los Angeles, by contacting us now.

Reverse Engineering for CAD File Creation in Los Angeles

What Are 3D Scanning Services?

3D scanning services refers to laser scanning an object using a blue light laser scanner to create a digital file like STL, IGES, and STEP. Scan data digitizes in order to create a mesh that are exact in dimension and can pick up the tiniest of detail.

These files are imperative for reverse engineering, manufacturing, and data extraction. 3D scanning services Los Angeles provides this service for a span of industries including automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing. 

CAD files can be manipulated using CAD software and is essential for product development.

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Access to the Latest Technology

The 3D laser scanner hardware Tangent Solutions uses directs blue light lasers to assign target points all over the surface of an object. With the use of laser triangulation, it generates raw point cloud data to represent the structure, surface, and size of the project. 

3D scanning services by Tangent Solutions produces 3D scan data with stunning precision. Access to this technology will streamline any project whether you’re developing a product, replicating parts of an object, or modifying parts of an object.

The raw point cloud data can be converted into a mesh file, like STL or OBJ which are ideal for conceptual purposes. The data can also be reverse engineered to create a CAD file in STEP, IGES, and XT file formats; to name a few of the available exports. 3D digital wire mesh replica of the physical object scanned as with Tangent Solutions.

How Can 3D Scanning Services Help My Business?

When you  need3D scanning services Los Angeles, it is best to pass the burden of purchasing a 3D laser scanner onto another company. The investment is close to a six-figure debt. Purchasing equipment will require you to learn how to use it, and using it once every few months or years is not practical.

By outsourcing 3D scanning services Los Angeles, you have experts perform the scan to ensure you capture every minute detail of your object. This guarantees high accuracy in the data gathered without the heavy investment.

3D scanning services are a great way to gather CAD data, which is useful for multiple purposes including data extraction, manufacturing, and product development. This type of files allow your business to improve an existing design for documentation reasons or to streamline current production methods.

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Why Choose Tangent Solutions?

With 15 years of experience in product development, we have helped clients across many industries. Tangent Solutions offers the best 3D scanning services Los Angeles, paired with expert CAD design services. 

We make the most advanced 3D laser scanning technology available to you, so you can have the most accurate data points for reverse engineering and CAD file creation. Our team can scan any object, no matter the complexity or even the location. If you can’t deliver the object to us, we offer mobile 3D scanning services to your site. 

We’re experts not only in the 3D scanning industry, but also professionals in reverse engineering, CAD design, and data extraction

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