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What is 3D Scanning and Why Do I Need It?

3D laser scanning services is a non-contact, non-destructive technology that uses a line of laser light to capture the geometry of physical items digitally. This can be made possible by one of the most experienced 3D scanning companies Orange County has.

3D laser scanning services extract data from an object’s surface in the form of point clouds. In other words, 3D laser scanning services capture a real object’s exact size and shape into a digital 3D representation in the computer world.

To swiftly generate highly precise point clouds, 3D laser scanners analyze small details and record free-form objects. 3D laser scanning and 3D printing services are ideal for measuring and inspecting curved surfaces and complex geometries that require huge amounts of data to be accurately described and where traditional measurement methods such as a touch probe would be challenging.

The technique of collecting data from the surface of a physical object in order to precisely represent its shape in three-dimensional space is known as 3D scanning. Once acquired, this information enables technicians, mechanics, engineers, and amateurs to digitally analyze an object, improving the precision and speed of their job.

Utilizing 3D Scanning Services for Your Business Needs

A three-dimensional scan of a portion of an object’s surface is referred to as a 3D scan, made up of small triangles or polygons, similar to how 2D pictures are made up of pixels. The technique of 3D scanning is applied in cutting-edge workflows.

To examine how the valve will work inside the engine, 3D scan it to create a 3D printing model and use reverse engineering to place it into CAD software.

3D printing scanners are utilized in various applications, including the manufacturing and healthcare sectors, as well as video games. Retrofitting heavy machinery, performing quality control on mechanical parts, building bespoke prosthetic devices, generating visual effects for movies, and creating video game characters are all tasks that rely on high-precision 3D models of actual items.

3D scanning technology is practically boundless, and its improvements are unquestionably beneficial.

3D scanning collects data that allows mechanics to disassemble items without causing physical damage, allowing them to identify problem areas, repair parts, and test objects before they are manufactured.

They also warn aerospace professionals about bad parts that would otherwise go unnoticed until after manufacture and give medical experts a considerably more advanced view of how to execute invasive surgeries by opening up a whole new field of anatomical investigations.

How Can Tangent Solutions Help

Tangent Solutions in Orange County is one of the most well-known providers of 3D scanning services. Tangent’s 3D scanning services and engineering services give you access to the most advanced laser scanning equipment—giving your team the ideal tool for digitally reproducing tangible items seen in the real world when accuracy and detail are critical for your design services.

Our Orange County team combines the latest in 3D laser scanning technology with our 15 years of CAD design services and 3D printing knowledge to help you bring your ideas to life as the nation’s best reverse engineering and 3D scanning company.

We can use reverse engineering with any physical device to supply you with raw data, help you create your product with CAD software, or entirely construct it into reality. Our design formula is based on a one-of-a-kind technique of scanning, rendering, and designing.

When it comes to 3D scanning, we are the leading provider in Southern California. Our 3D design services and 3D printing team are ready to bring your huge ideas to life by creating a digital model for faster product development. Most projects may be scanned and returned the same day they arrive, ensuring that your production process is not disrupted.

Our system includes several checkpoints for delivering completed customer orders to ensure that the order will progress successfully through all phases of the service pipeline. Our project management staff strives to spot and avoid bottlenecks and impediments before they occur.

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Find out what options you have for your production process. To schedule a 3D printing consultation at your office in Orange County, Costa Mesa, Long Beach, or the surrounding Southern California area, contact us at Tangent Solutions today.

Every time, our Orange County professionals give unrivaled service to our customers. We provide a comprehensive set of 3D services, including drafting, engineering, rendering, and 3D printing—to provide a complete end-to-end solution for any 3D printing design difficulty.

To learn more about how laser 3D scanning can assist you, contact a 3D scanning expert at Tangent Solutions today.