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Tangent Solutions

Tangent Solutions is comprised of design engineers who possess specialized skills in 3D laser scanning, CAD design, and product development, and have real-world manufacturing experience.

Our team tailors all designs for profitability and efficiency. We conduct 3D laser scanning and design in-house, which accelerates the workflow of each project beyond that of our competitors. Before commencing any work, we discuss your project goals to ensure that we get it right the first time.

We build a relationship with our clients, instead of simply only delivering files.

3D Laser Scanning

Our team of experts utilizes the latest in 3D laser scanning technology, particularly a handheld, portable 3D scanner that enables us to digitize projects of any size with ease. Using the advanced process of laser triangulation, we can instantly create highly accurate 3D models of physical objects. The self-contained system is conveniently compact, fitting into a carry-on size container, allowing us to provide our services to clients both domestically and internationally.

Native Software

Our 3D scanner is paired with its own native software in order to post process scan data, preparing it for its next use.

File Format

Data is initially exported as a mesh only, with assigned planes and features. From there it can be redrawn to CAD and exported as STEP, IGES, or XT.

Creaform HandyScan Black Elite

Why 3D Laser Scanning Is Important

High Level of Accuracy

3D lasers deliver a high resolution specially made for intricate details. With the triangulation process, small 6mm targets are placed on and around the project to record data. There are no size limitations.

Extreme Precision

Aside from its impeccable scan quality, its advanced laser and optical technology allows our 3D laser scanner to  specifically measure any part of your chosen object — regardless of its size, shape, material, complexity, and surface finish.

User Simplcity

With its user-friendly interface and ease of mobility, scanning multiple is simple. Our technicians only need access to power and are able to control the scanner on the unit itself.

CAD Software integration

In our day-to-day operations, our team extensively utilizes Solidworks for the following purposes:

Our team relies on Solidworks for:

    1. Designing precise 3D objects
    2. Developing customized products
    3. Validating file designs
    4. Managing a dedicated 3D file library
    5. Creating curated 2D drawings
    6. Producing images and animations of 3D objects
    7. Accurately estimating manufacturing costs

Collectively, our design engineers have over 20 years experience using this superior, CAD design platform.

The Importance of Scan to CAD

Efficient in design and compatibility.

Naving a widely recognized computer-aided design system is crucial. It is essential to select software that is compatible with both your needs and your manufacturer’s requirements.

By utilizing a software that supports universal file formats, we have established a systematic approach to collaboration with customers and suppliers. This standardized software package enhances time management, improves efficiency, and enables us to deliver superior results.

In conjunction with 3D scanning services, our design engineers can create customized designs, validate dimensions, and identify component interferences. This integrated system accelerates the research, design, and development process, ultimately boosting productivity levels.

CAD File Delivery

Most common delivered files are in STEP, IGES, and XT.

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