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Fully Functional 3D models

Are you looking to make modifications to your existing project? Do you need CAD files for manufacturing? Our reverse engineering Orange County services create 3D models with ultra-precision and accuracy. 

The process of reverse engineering empowers the ability to reconstruct any project into a 3D model; usually in CAD file format. This type of service is ideal for creating files when they are need for manufacturing or cataloging for future work. 

Utilizing 3D scanning services for reverse engineering purposes, allows for the creation of precise data points like ID, OD, and other dimensions. This allows your data to be digitized with accuracy to the thousandth of a millimeter, creating functional CAD models that can be modified, cycled, and built into assemblies. 

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What is Reverse Engineering?

The reverse engineering Orange County process is the deconstruction of a project in order to decipher its features and dimensions. Most data is then drawn into a CAD file, in other words a 3D model, to then further detail into 2D drawings, especially in manufacturing applications. 

When you need  to improve an existing project design, hiring a team that specializes in reverse engineering Orange County allows you to have  as insufficient design documentation for internal designs, or needs CAD data for current production methods, the demand for CAD data arises.

Benefits of Reverse Engineering Orange County

When paired with 3D laser scanning, the data processed during reverse engineering creates unbeatable 3D models. 

Any project and surface can be made into usable 3D CAD models for modification and manufacturing. 


File Creation

3D scan data is reverse engineered to isolate essential data for your project. Files are drawn from mesh data with expert accuracy and detail. CAD files are delivered as STEP, IGES, XT, and more.


During the post processing, important data is highlighted and exported as planes, dimensions and sketches. This is ideal to isolate ID, OD, and other surface data to be represented in CAD.


All scan data is cleaned up. It is best practice to prep physical objects before scanning but holes can be filled and other inconsistincies are perfected before transferring to CAD software.


Large projects can mean large file sizes. Our technicans have methods of scanning that can compress file size without losing detail. We work with you in order to only deliver data that is essential.

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What Are Your Project Goals?

Our reverse engineering Orange County services are ideal for production, creation of CAD files, inspection services, quality control, and more.

You need Reverse Engineering Services

Although the most time consuming process, reverse engineering 3D scanning provides ultra-precise data essential for making project modifications, cataloging, and manufacturing.

You can learn more about3D scanning work flow  to help visualize what your project goals are. 

Once CAD files are created, any modifications are easier and more efficient. Our team specializes in such modifications and can deliver projects that are tailored for mass production. 

Reverse Engineering Orange County Project samples


Our reverse engineering services are $115 per hour. This will create 3D CAD files in STEP, XT, or IGES file formats. 

Reverse engineering services is performed by drawing a 3D model with 3D scan data as a reference. 3D scan data is ultra-precise and represents detail and dimension to the thousandth of a millimeter. 

Reverse engineering services creates a CAD file. The most common file formats we can deliver include STEP, IGES, and XT. We can export in many other formats. 

Yes. Basic post processing during 3D scanning services provides a mesh file in STL file format. You or your engineering must be experienced in redrawing scan data from a mesh file. Common softwares that can complete the reverse engineering process are Geomagic Design X or Fusion 360.

Our office location is in Irvine, California. We work with clients both domestic and international as most work work can be performed remotely. 

Mobile 3D scanning services, data analysis, product development consulting, CAD design services, and reverse engineering. 

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