CAD Design Services

CAD Design without Complication

Having the best CAD design in your business does not have to be a project in itself. We offer accessibility to professional engineers who have real-world experience in design and manufacturing.

Other CAD design companies can draw in CAD software, but it takes true engineering experience to know the functionality of a design.

Hiring designers and engineers is expensive. Our CAD designers are here to work with you, project-by-project or on a retainer basis. With accessibility to our designers, you no longer have to hire someone full time and you can focus on your business.

CAD Design

CAD Design Services

When you our team, you are not just getting a CAD file. We are proudly able to sit down and listen to your entire engineering needs including production, design, and the functionality of your project. 

With 15 years experience, our CAD engineers are able to design efficiently so your designs are always optimized for mass production.

Whether you need us to create an original CAD design or modify an existing project, we are here to establish a key relationship between us and your business!

During the design process, our engineers will communicate with you about the project and any issues they foresee. Our CAD software allows us to create in 3D along with assemblies of parts to see how they fit together. In addition, we can also test how they will react to force, fluidity, or motion.

Paired with 3D scanning services, CAD design can easily modify, analyze, the optimize the data acquired from laser scanning

lets Get your Projects into CAD


CAD Software

We use the most recent version of Solidworks, the leader in CAD software because of its usability and its tailor-made fit for our company’s goal to be the best in product development. The ability to pair 3D scanning services and Solidworks only increases our CAD design efficiency, tenfold. Our relationship with the Solidworks platform has given us the ability to create innovative designs and grow along with the software. 

If you do not have access to a Solidworks seat, we have the ability to showcase your 3D project in a file viewer so you can validate the design before production. 

CAD data can be delivered in any format or file that is required.

  • XT
  • STEP
  • IGS


Once we deliver the files, they are yours! We will keep a copy on a hard drive in case you need it.

We allow a sensible amount of revisions during the design process. Our engineers work with you closely so you know of any changes as their happening.

You will need to have CAD software like Solidworks. However to view the files, we can provide them in PDF and other CAD file viewers that are free and easy to use.

XT, STEP, IGS or whichever you require.