High-Resolution and Cost-Effective 3D Scanning Services Los Angeles

3D Scanning Services Los Angeles

Gone are the days when product design and reverse engineering are done on real-life objects. With the onset of 3D scanning technology, any business can have any object, big or small, 3D scanned, rendered, and converted into a computer-aided design (CAD) model which can be manipulated in whatever way you want, and for whatever purpose you need—all of these made possible with the help from experienced 3D scanning services Los Angeles.

To get 3D scanning, you can choose to invest in a 3D scanner, which costs a lot and not to mention, requires expertise to operate. Another option is to work with someone who offers some of the best 3D scanning services Los Angeles has to offer.

What are 3D Scanning Services?

3D scanning services refer to a type of service rendered by companies like Tangent Solutions. It involves scanning any object or area using a blue light laser scanner.

The scanner uses blue light to assign target points all over the surface of an object. Then, with the use of laser triangulation, it generates raw point cloud data.

Depending on the company, this raw point cloud data can be converted into a picture file format, or a 3D digital wire mesh replica of the physical object scanned as with Tangent Solutions. The 3D model can later be rendered into a CAD file, which can be manipulated using CAD software.

This service, especially by highly experienced companies in Los Angeles, can provide 3D scans with stunning precision. This can help streamline your project whether you’re developing a product, replicating parts of an object, or modifying parts of an object.

How Can 3D Scanning Services Help Me and My Business?

If you need 3D scanning, you can purchase a 3D scanner, though not all of them are designed to create 3D models. Also, if you only need 3D scanning once in a while, purchasing equipment will require you to learn how to use it, and using it once every few months or years is not practical.

By outsourcing 3D scanning services, you get to have experts perform the scan to ensure you capture every minute detail of your object. This guarantees high accuracy in the data gathered, which can make your project, whatever it may be, easier for you so you can focus on more important things, such as making decisions for your business.

3D scanning services are a great way to gather CAD data, which is useful for businesses for many reasons. You may need them to improve an existing design for documentation reasons, or to streamline current production methods.

Why Choose Tangent Solutions?

With 15 years of experience and after helping out projects in various industries, Tangent Solutions offers the best 3D scanning services Los Angeles has to offer. We make the most advanced 3D laser scanning technology available to you, so you can have the most accurate data points for 3D rendering and CAD manipulation. We can also scan any object, no matter the complexity or even the location. If you can’t deliver the object to us, we can bring our 3D scanning services to your site. We scan the smallest items all the way to vehicles, buildings, and even entire lot areas. We’re experts not only in the 3D scanning industry, but we’re also experts at reverse engineering, and CAD design and engineering. At Tangent Solutions, we have a team who can help you from capturing all the features of your object to rendering it and manipulating it using CAD software to transform it into a model that exceeds your expectations. Learn more about 3D scanning services in Los Angeles, contact us at Tangent Solutions today.