How to Find the Best 3D Scanning Services Near Me

3D scanning is still a novelty to some, but for others, it’s an integral part of their company’s design and manufacturing process. It is accurate, efficient, and a great way to test products.

There are several 3D scanning companies out there, so how to choose the option for the best 3D scanning services near me? With some research and an understanding of how 3D scanning works, you can find a reliable company that offers the technology you need.

What Is a 3D Scanner?

3D scanning technology has only become more advanced. Some create 3D models by way of taking dozes of photos and meshing them together. The more advanced scanners now use a series of lasers to cover three-dimensional object from several different angles. When looking for the best 3D scanning services near me, it is essential to know they have the latest technology.

Laser scanners log data points that represent the shape and size of the item being scanned. This collection of datums creates a mesh model that contains the exact measurements of the scanned item; to the thousandth of a millimeter.

The 3D scan mesh file includes millions of plotted data points which are then used to create a 3D model. Most will know this as the reverse engineering process. 3D models are useful for prototyping, CAD file creation and modification, and much more. The best 3D scanning services near me will be able to provide consulting on which design engineering process is best for your project goals.


What Do 3D Scanning Services Near Me Offer?

If a company offers 3D scanning services, they more than likely are experts in a lineup of 3D abilities.

Reverse engineering is large component of what most clients will need after 3D laser scanning has been completed. Unless you have staff with the skills to process raw data and render models, you will need to inquire with 3D scanning services near me about their additional design engineering services; like CAD design and reverse engineering. 

Does a 3D Printer Need a 3D Scanner? Everything You Need to Know About How the Technology Works

I have found that 3D scanning services near me also have rapid prototyping capabilities. Better known as 3D printing. 3D scan data can be cleaned up, post processed, and orientated in order to create an STL; a mesh-only file needed for 3D printing applications. For more complex projects, CAD files created from 3D laser scanning can also be converted to these 3D print files.

3D printing is an excellent way to create affordable prototypes over a short period of time. Rapid prototyping help conceptualize a project and even verify fitment before mass producing a product.

What Types of 3D Laser Scanners Are There?

A vital component of selecting 3D scanning services near me was their lineup of technology.  As you choose a company to work with, you want to know they have ultra-precise 3D laser scanners along with the right software to create CAD models, inspect scan data, and deliver efficient designs.

Thankfully 3D laser scanning technology is no longer limited by size or location. For large projects that cannot be taken to the office, the best 3D scanning services near me are able to provide mobile 3D laser scanning services. 3D laser scanning platforms for this purpose only need access to power and fit inside a carrying case that is no larger than a briefcase.

To be educated on the type of 3D laser scanning platforms currently on the market, here is a brief description of each.

3D Laser Scanners

Laser scanners use triangulation to capture a 3D shape. They project lasers onto an object and map out millions of points on the object, reflected back to the scanner off of small targets, creating a record of its size and shape of it.

3d scanning for quality control

This is one of the most popular scanner styles based on the needs of most clients.

This platform comes in a range of sizes and styles, but most popular are handheld options. These are useful for scanning items that are dark or reflective because the lasers are not effected by color.

These 3D laser scanning platforms are also not sensitive to lighting conditions as many of the other options and can be used outside.

If you are searching for 3D scanning services near me based on reverse engineering purposes, laser scanners are your most precise option.

Structured Light 3D Scanners

Structured light scanning uses light projection for its measurements. This type of 3D scanner projects a grid, bars, or other patterns onto an object and uses that to map out the various points and measurements.

Some scanners are handheld, and others are mounted in place. They have fast scan times that are often only seconds long. They also usually have a large scanning area, which makes scanning even faster.

Medium and Long Range 3D Scanners

3D scanning is incredibly versatile, and it’s used on buildings, vehicles, and other large objects. Medium and long-range scanners are designed to capture considerable areas in a short period of time, and they rotate in a complete circle in order to capture large spaces.

These type of 3D Scanners are not the most precise but are great for photo mapping, virtual tours for real estate, and commercial planning.

Do 3D Scanning Services Near Me Have High-Quality Equipment?

Most 3D laser scanning companies strive to stay on the cutting edge of technology, offering their clients the latest and most accurate scanners. The quality of their equipment is key to receiving accurate and reliable scans.

Outsourcing your 3D laser scanning needs means you have the opportunity to work with companies that specialize in this area. Companies that are knowledgeable about 3D scanning can offer top-of-the-line equipment.

Accuracy, scan volume, and measurement frequency are some of the features that affect how well a 3D scanner works. Resolution is another important quality for scans.

Your requirements should also reflect your specific needs. If you’re working with large, remote scanning for example, I would seek out the best 3D scanning services near me that provide mobile 3D laser scanning.

Turn-around Time

In the world of production and manufacturing, timelines are essential. Before you use any company’s services, ask about their turn-around times.

Thankfully, 3D laser scanning is the fastest process of a production project, depending on the complexity or how many components need scanning. Reverse engineering and CAD design services are the more time consuming.

The best 3D scanning services near me will be able to offer a timeframe during which you can expect your scan results. That way, you can set up your next steps for production or design.

In our working environment, we’re generally able to scan items the day they arrive at our facility. After scanning is completed, projects are delivered digitally in a cloud-based format.

Wrapping Up

We pride ourselves on quick work and fast turn-around times. Tangent Solutions is a reliable 3D scanning company that uses top-of-the-line equipment for all 3D scanning services. You no longer have to worry about finding the best 3D scanning services near me. Contact us today for 3D scanning, CAD design, and other services.

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